Fun Fridays: The Booklovers by The Divine Comedy

This song is by the band The Divine Comedy. I barely know who they are, but I know about this song, it’s from their Promenade album for anyone who is interested and it lists over seventy authors. I think this song may be more entertaining to particular humour and reading tastes, but even so, there’s also a lot of reading ideas you can take from this as well.

These are the authors mentioned if you wish to check any of them out; Continue reading

Fun Fridays: The Time Machine Goes Lego!

There’s quite a few stop motion videos involving the use of Lego men and Lego products. I found this adaptation of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells also using Lego. Granted it’s 12+ minutes long, but it’s awesome and I highly recommend watching it if you’re a Time Machine fan or appreciate stop motion film. Enjoy!

Fun Fridays: NZ Book Council AD – Going West

The idea of cutting up books for art or making something from them makes me uneasy, but a part of me still loves to see what people come up with and this ad by The NZ Book Council is no exception. I’ve seen a lot of this type of art on Tumblr, but never in a video and it’s such a great ad.

What do you think of book art like this and recycling books to make something else such as shoes and bags?

Fun Fridays: Organising The Bookcase

Yep, yep! That’s right! It’s a fun friday post! I haven’t had one of these for ages, but I’ve been coming across some fun things online and I thought I might as well make it a Fun Friday post!

How’s this for organising your bookcase? They use one of my most favourite songs and I love the items around the bookcase, make sure you check those out too because they’re moving everything around.

Alan Moore Speaks About Libraries

Alan Moore speaking about what libraries mean to him and how they have helped shape who he is today.

Alan Moore is the creator of graphic novels and great stories such as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The link takes you to a bio of him on Alan More Fan Site.

P.S. It is my birthday tomorrow! Already! I feel like I’ve only been 27 for a few weeks.. Have a great weekend everyone! I will eat cake for you.