News: Welcome Adam, Updates, Pages

Here and there I’ve been mentioning fixing up pages, adding new bits and pieces, giving the place a clean up, and eventually turning this website into a team effort.

Well I’m finally getting there!

1. Welcome Adam!

Adam will be reviewing and contributing with us from today onwards! He’s previously reviewed with companies like Infinitas Bookshop and Sydney Morning Herald so I think BA is pretty lucky to have a reviewer such as that. We’ll be seeing Adam’s posts on Mondays, starting with this afternoon and a review of Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. Keep an eye out for it!

2. Updated Pages

I’m not completely finished, but for the most part I am. I’ve been slowly converting the pages from individual (my pages) to group pages and I’ve also added and updated in other ways as well.

These are the pages that are updated; Continue reading