Through The Lens: Warhammer 40K

Welcome to our weekly meme, Through The Lens! We’re combining a love of books with photography in order to visually display what we read and love.

How It Works

Each Thursday BA will be sharing a photograph taken of a book, such as a current read, recommendation, or a favourite, with an object or in a setting the reader feels represents an element in the story. Then we’ll share a short blurb about why we chose it.

You Can Join In Too

If you want to participate you can. You don’t have to be an expert photographer, the point of this meme is to be creative and share! Take your book, including eBooks, and display those covers with something that shows what you took away from the story. You’re welcome to post another day, we just like alliteration here at BA, and there is no theme unless you want to have one.

We do ask, if you wish to join in, that you grab the banner, link back to us, and share your link too so everyone can see your photos! Continue reading

Review: Fire and Honour – A 40K Graphic Novel

Imperial Guard. Hellhound tanks. Has the Tau met its match?

The soldiers of the Cadian 71st have thought that they’ve seen it all. That is, until they uncover a Planetary Governor to be in league with the Tau! With the odds against them, Captain Hawkins and his men fight with a bravery and brutality against an enemy that seems to be one step ahead of them.

At the risk of sounding like an uber-nerd, if it’s a Warhammer 40K spin off then it is safe to say that I’ll either love it or at least like it a great deal. I don’t actually play the table top game and never have (too much to remember and not enough time or energy), but so far everything I’ve read that is 40K I’ve enjoyed.

I enjoyed Fire and Honour to a degree. The artwork is great and I love the blending of colours, the abrupt colour change when the scene changed and yet it still blended really well. I always enjoy most 40K art so maybe it’s not much of a surprise. I also really like the fact that there are several pages of full page art after the story has finished which includes the Cadians, Kroot (an alien species which I think look really cool), and the Tau who were all in the story. Continue reading