My Personal Reading Challenge

It’s 2016! Well, well, well… BA has been quiet for over a year, at least review-wise, and I find myself wanting to get back into it.

Where did I go for a year? If you are curious about that sort of thing here’s a quick catch-up. – I moved house at the end of 2014 and my life got busy. I ended up working 6 days a week, and going out socialising. It’s understandable when you know I was housebound for almost 10 years and unable to be independent.

So I just… Lived my life. Then I tried my hand at studying, which went well, except then I fell prey to mental illness. Again. For what feels like the millionth time. I say fell prey again simply because I have continuously suffered from mental illness and I’m at that phase where it’s taken over. Again. I just rolled my eyes. I’m that impressed with it.

Anyway, so there’s all of that. Now back to books.

I have decided, after my time away, that I want to challenge myself, but not be overly challenged. I also want to read, but I don’t want to accept reviews anymore (I loved it at the time, but it’s too much pressure right now). I loved hosting reading challenges, but again too much right now. This brings me to my new personal reading challenge! Continue reading