BA News: Post Change, Blog Tour News, and NaNo Update

Hey lovely readers! Well, it’s safe to say it’s November and NaNoWrimo is well under way. I’m updating over at my writing blog, twitter, and my other FB page, so won’t go on about it here too much. I’ll add something a little later in this post though, first up there’s been a change to what I announced in the last BA News update.

For those keeping an eye out for my Iron Fey reviews, I’ve made it to the end of The Iron Queen, but I’ve put a hold on the rest. I’m still going to be reading The Lost Prince, but the review won’t pop up until December some time. I will be finishing the iron fey part of the series at a later date.

Another thing that’s coming up though, and was in my last update, are blog tours. I want to share which ones they are so you can see what’s going on.

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BA News: Upcoming Posts, NaNo, and Blog Tours

Hey readers. Lately I’ve been somewhat sporadic (read absent) with my posting. One went up the other day, which means it’s safe to say posts are resuming. They may not be as routine as before though. Why? Blog tours, The Iron Fey, and NaNoWrimo, that’s why!

The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa, the first in the Call of the Forgotten series (related to The Iron Fey series), hits stores a couple of days ago. Currently I’m working my way through The Iron Fey series so I know what’s going on because I plan on reading The Lost Prince. I’m attempting to post reviews to all six books, starting on the 29th, and then having The Lost Prince review. There will be the first three in one week, followed by the last three in the second week, and then The Lost Prince. So if you’re wondering why there’s a whole bunch of Iron Fey book reviews coming your way, now you know why (edit: I may end up skipping the last two books, given my reading schedule and writing schedule, just in case they conflict). Continue reading