Review: Meridian by Terra Whiteman

Meridian by Terra WhitemanMelekonia is a world with history written in blood; empire after empire sought exclusive rule, the lands plagued with nuclear devastation as a result. 
Six hundred years ago, the technological city Niaphali Proper was suddenly destroyed by a catastrophic force. Some believe it was the doings of an unavoidable cosmic event, others believe it was the wrath of an angry god. 
If only the truth were that simple.


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Review: The Antithesis Book 2 Alpha by Terra Whiteman

Qaira Eltruan is the Commandant of the Enforcers, Sanctum’s Special Military Sect of angel exterminators. The war against the Archaeans has been nothing but a seventy-year stalemate, however all of this is set to change with the arrival of a mysterious Scholar who can serve to sway the battle in their favor. But this Scholar has secrets of her own… Secrets that may kill them all



As I finished The Antithesis: Book Two Alpha (TA2a), sequel to The Antithesis (TA), I felt galvanized into sharing all the thoughts tumbling through my head. That is until I sat down in front of my laptop. Now I feel exuberant and excited to share, but at the same time I’m paralysed mentally because of all those thoughts. Half of those thoughts are focused on wondering what will happen next, needing to know the outcome of the story, and itching to pick up the next in the series. I find this feeling to be overwhelming my need to share, but I know if I don’t do it now I will be too caught up in The Antithesis: Book Two Beta and beyond, losing my chance to share my opinion at all. Continue reading