Guest: The First Steps to Prepping For the Apocalypse

The First Steps To Prepping For The Apocalypse.

By: Kirk Allmond. Author of What Zombies Fear


The new prepper often goes straight to the question, “Where would I go.” and almost invariably answers that question with “to Walmart!” A better question to ask would be “Where would I meet?” It is hard to understand the difference at first. When we all start down this path of readiness, we often consider ourselves as either the lone wolf; traveling from place to place, surviving on the scraps of humanity, doing what is necessary to survive.

Some consider themselves to be the leader of a group of survivors; single handedly keeping our friends and family alive, and restoring order to (at least a small piece) of a world in chaos. While this might be true, in some select few circumstances, overwhelmingly it will not be the case. For every leader of a group of fifty survivors, there must be forty-nine followers. If your goal is to be the leader, there is an entire set of leadership skills and personality requirements that the majority of people do not have. In this case, learning to be an effective leader is much more important than having a bug out bag, or an alpha site, and should be the primary focus of the new prepper’s education. Continue reading

Book Trailers: The Anne Frank – Graphic Novel by Sid Jacobson & Ernie Colón

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