BA News: Things are Happening Here on BA

Hello my fellow readers! Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone has had a safe, happy, fun, and lovely holiday season. I’ve been back from Melbourne since Saturday, but life has been interesting since then. I’ve learnt I shouldn’t make plans to have ‘chill out and catch up on blogging’ days. Each time I do that the opposite seems to happen. Sunday I spent eight hours cleaning out the garage, as you do, and then yesterday it was root canal therapy.

I know how to keep life interesting and not quiet.

Anyway, the point is I’m back and I’ve set time aside to focus on BA today! I’m not sure in what order I’m doing things today but here’s what you can expect to be updated, created, begun, etc.; Continue reading

BA News: Newness and Incoming!

Hey there bookish ones. It’s been a long time! I was changing the theme over (do you like it?) before posting, checked the date of the last post, and realised July was the last time I updated BA. July! Well, that was unexpected. I’ve been off packing, moving, unpacking, waiting for my Mac to come back, getting my Mac back, and changing some things ’round here. I feel like I’ve been very sneaky as I’ve had my Mac back for over a week now, but have not been posting. I wanted to pretty up the place. I still love the old theme, but sometimes when you’re away for a while it feels as though your theme has gathered cobwebs. Continue reading