BA’s 2013 End of Year Countdown

I mentioned in my last update I was still trying to see if I could include an end-of-year question post for BA as an extended part of the Posting Challenge.

At first I thought it might be too much with everything that’s been going on, but then I had an idea. Why not have it as a countdown to 2014? You can do all these in one post, or you can do what I’m going to do. I’m going to do one for each day leading up to the New Year.

I’ve included a little explanation for all of them. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a little nudge before my brain decides to wake up. Take them as they are or leave them and interpret the topics in your own way. This goes too for how you set the post up. Make it yours. Continue reading

BA News: Coming up, My Life with BA, Reading Challenges, & Posting Challenge

Hello book lovers! November is not kind to my blogging habit and I mostly abandoned blogging for four-five weeks. Time, and my obsession with my novel’s word count, got the better of me. My plans to blog regularly disappeared and I ended up with a few scattered scheduled posts.

I have mentioned in the past I am behind on everything, but guess what? I’m still behind and now even more so. With NaNo, and life, I haven’t been reading much. My life is far more involved and busy than it has been in a very long time. My issue now with being able to read is not about if I’m well enough to read, but if I have the time to read.

Time to read and time to blog. Continue reading

BA News: What’s Happening on BA

In This Post;

  • Hello
  • Personal Health News
  • Challenges and Your Reviews
  • 2012 Wrap-Ups and Your Challenge Reviews
  • Presents for You
  • Conclusion

Hello my fellow book lovers! Long time no… see? My last, non-scheduled, post was in December. December! Can you believe it? Now it’s February and I figure it’s about time I began posting again. I have several posts and other things coming up for you all, but first I’ll start with an update on what happened in December.

P.S. I have decided to incorporate the above because I know every reader is different, have different amounts of free time, and thought it might make it easier to find what is relevant to you and what you want to know in each news post. Continue reading