BA Features Shadows in the Sun by Gayathri Ramprasad

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Author Gayathri Ramprasad and her memoir Shadows in the Sun

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BA News: Too Stuffed for Posting

Just a short post today. If you’ve been following my BA posting challenge, you would have known I missed yesterday. Well, I’m not going to be posting it or anything else for the next few days by the looks of things. I had a lovely bug over the weekend that cleaned me out and left me feeling pretty spaced. I swear, if I wasn’t sick, I would have thought someone had drugged me.

As of today I’m feeling better though. I’ve stopped throwing up and have been able to eat almost normal meals. Huzzah! Except being without food for 36 hours does a number on you so now I’m getting over that too. Woo. Hence no posting… Too delirious to post. That’s me!

If you’re waiting for my challenge post to go up, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Follow the badge on the side there and you can link up to that page if you’d prefer. Otherwise, I’ll have my post up before the weekend, just might be like right on the beginning of the weekend…

BA News: Stalled and Recovery

Hello lovely readers. I wanted to do a very quick update. I recently had a stay in hospital, it was very short, but the impact has been quite significant. Well, it feels significant at the moment because I’m struggling today, but I’m doing ok. I’m recovering, but it’s a slow process, and pushing myself to type is on the hard side.

It’s been almost two weeks since being in hospital and I still have had posts going up, but they’ve all been scheduled. The scheduled ones have run out now though so there aren’t really going to be any posts until the new year, unfortunately. There might be a couple of reviews, but that’s about it, I think.

As for challenges, please continue to post your links, sign-up for the 2013 ones, and share your wrap-ups for 2012. Even if I’m not around for a little while, the challenges will continue to be available to you. I still welcome feedback as well and apologise to those who have submitted feedback without response. Please know that I may not be able to respond for a time, but I will read all your forms of contact (comments, feedback forms, emails). I may be finding it difficult to type, but I can still read your emails.

When it comes to any problems however, I’m sorry if I take time to get to you. I may not be able to respond to anything but, like with emails and feedback, I will read everything and add your enquiries and concerns to my to-do list when I’m online again.

Until then, have fun reading, have a great holiday season, and be safe!