BA News: Too Many Things, Not Enough Time

Where to begin? Good question…

I guess the most major news first, the one thing to mostly affect my schedule and posting, is I got a job. I’m temping at BookFari. BookFari is an online book store based in Australia. It’s possible you would’ve noticed the name mentioned on Bookish Ardour as I have been linking to BookFari in my reviews for a while now.

A friend, who works there, is going on maternity leave and I’m going to be filling in for her. At the moment I’m learning the ropes part-time, which probably wouldn’t disrupt your usual blogging schedule that much. I tend to become disrupted with just about everything when one thing changes, so I’ve been trying to get my bearings and haven’t been focusing so much on blogging till I’m settled. Oh the fun times to be had when you have OCD and brain fog. Haha.

Funny story – I haven’t seen my Kindle in over a week and thought I’d lost it on the train. Nope. I found it this morning! It was tucked into a pile of mail I have also been neglecting. Haha. Ha.

So far I’m enjoying working for BookFari and of course it’s always going to be good when you’re surrounding by books at work. Currently they’re having a clearance sale. There’s too much stock in the warehouse and it needs to go, as soon as it can get going, and the prices are pretty cheap. So while the store is online, at the moment I’m working in the pop-up store located in the building and the temptation… oh boy! I have to avert my eyes so often, it’s not funny. Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out the pop-up store, BookFari is located in Rosebery (near Green Square and Mascot) and you can find the address here. Continue reading

BA News: BA’s Posting Challenge Topics All Set! And Then Some

BA’s Posting Challenge for Book Bloggers a.k.a BAPC

I have great news! I took awhile, began getting those topics out before the challenge began, but then got railroaded by life… guess what though? All the topics for BA’s BA's Posting Challenge 2013-14Posting Challenge are up and ready for you to use. Huzzah! Another great piece of news, at least I believe it to be, I’m already putting together the next lot. At some point my aim is to smoothly begin each challenge, each year, for as long as I can think of topics.

If you haven’t begun the challenge yet and still want to, you can join in. It doesn’t matter if you’re late to the game. As long as you begin the challenge, and hopefully finish, by the time the next one begins (which will be in November). You can opt to play crazy-catch up and get as many done as possible, or you can space them out. I’m an agreeable person, I would rather the challenge give you an opportunity to create more content for your blogs rather than more stress. Life holds too much stress already, do we really need more? Continue reading

BA News: Coming up, My Life with BA, Reading Challenges, & Posting Challenge

Hello book lovers! November is not kind to my blogging habit and I mostly abandoned blogging for four-five weeks. Time, and my obsession with my novel’s word count, got the better of me. My plans to blog regularly disappeared and I ended up with a few scattered scheduled posts.

I have mentioned in the past I am behind on everything, but guess what? I’m still behind and now even more so. With NaNo, and life, I haven’t been reading much. My life is far more involved and busy than it has been in a very long time. My issue now with being able to read is not about if I’m well enough to read, but if I have the time to read.

Time to read and time to blog. Continue reading

BA News: Content to Come, Blogging Challenge, and Reading Challenges

In This Post;

  • Content to Come and Stalled Reviews
  • BA’s Blogging Challenge
  • Reading Challenges for 2013

I thought I’d come out of my bat writing cave and update. I had some posts scheduled and then realised yesterday I didn’t have the ones scheduled that I thought I did. Ha! So you’ve missed some posts. Oh well… Continue reading

BA News: Decisions for BA’s Posting Challenge

In Today’s News Post;

  • Decisions for BA’s Posting Challenge
  •  A Few Important Things
  • How it Will Work
  • Submit a Question/Topic

Decisions for BA’s Posting Challenge

BA’s Posting Challenge is almost at its end and I brought this up last week, but hadn’t quite made a decision with how to carry on. Well, I’ve finally decided! I think…

One of the options I was thinking of was making BA’s posting challenge an annual event running over the course of five months and the busiest period of the year, NaNoWrimo, Christmas, New Year’s, and this includes Valentines for all you lovers and Mardi Gras! This is the option I’m going with. Those months can become hectic and make blogging a trial to keep up with. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like the idea of having one topic ready to go every week. It takes the pressure off and lowers my stress levels. No one needs any more stress during NaNo, oh yeah and Christmas, but mostly NaNo. Continue reading

BA News: The Future of BA’s Posting Challenge

In Today’s News Post;

  • BA’s Posting Challenge is Almost Over
  • Possible Ideas for the Challenge
  • Conclusion
  • Feedback Form

BA’s Posting Challenge is Almost Over

That’s right! BA’s posting challenge is coming to an end! I don’t know about you guys, but the time felt like it went by fairly quickly. If you’ve taken part, I would love feedback. You can comment in this post, or feel free to send me an email via the below feedback form.

This is what I would like to know in particular;

  • Did you enjoy the challenge and if so what did you enjoy about it?
  • What didn’t you enjoy about the challenge?
  • Did you feel there was something missing?
  • Would you take part in another, or similar, challenge? (why or why not)
  • Would you prefer the challenge be a continuous meme, or do you think it motivates you more by being a time-sensitive challenge?

Of course, those are just the more pertinent queries I have, but you’re welcome to tell me any thoughts coming to you in regards to the challenge. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Continue reading

BA News: Too Stuffed for Posting

Just a short post today. If you’ve been following my BA posting challenge, you would have known I missed yesterday. Well, I’m not going to be posting it or anything else for the next few days by the looks of things. I had a lovely bug over the weekend that cleaned me out and left me feeling pretty spaced. I swear, if I wasn’t sick, I would have thought someone had drugged me.

As of today I’m feeling better though. I’ve stopped throwing up and have been able to eat almost normal meals. Huzzah! Except being without food for 36 hours does a number on you so now I’m getting over that too. Woo. Hence no posting… Too delirious to post. That’s me!

If you’re waiting for my challenge post to go up, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Follow the badge on the side there and you can link up to that page if you’d prefer. Otherwise, I’ll have my post up before the weekend, just might be like right on the beginning of the weekend…