BA News: Blogging and Reviews, Where It’s At

Hello lovely readers (followers and visitors)! I have missed blogging, reading your comments, checking up on your reading challenges, and visiting your blogs. Blogging isn’t the be all and end all, I know that, but it’s definitely an addictive hobby. I’ve been reading pretty consistently for several weeks now on top of having my other hobbies being limited, so I think it’s about time to expand my hobbies again. With blogging… Because it’s not an addiction. No. It isn’t.

Seriously though, I’m starting to post at least once a fortnight on my personal/writing blog, and would like to do so here. I have lost count of the amount of reviews I have lying around in draft mode. I would like to finally edit them and then post them all up.

There’s also some other posts I have ready to go. I’m not going to be resuming my full posting schedule, and with the absence of contributors, it’s not exactly going to be a posting free-for-all. This is fine with me as I believe there needs to be an adjustment, especially for me, where I’m more relaxed. I would still like to begin posting at least once a fortnight with reviews and a more personal touch to a fortnightly posting. Think of it as an opinion based post about various bookish subjects. I felt the need to type these up sporadically and found I rather enjoyed taking the focus off the act of reviewing and analysing stories. Continue reading