Author Talks: Patrick Rothfuss, Guinea Pigs are Fish

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BA Post Challenge: Meet and Greet

BA’s 26 Posts Blogging Challenge

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This Week’s Topic

 Meet and Greet: Who are some of the authors you have met or would love to meet and why? Continue reading

Book Blogger Confessions: Bookish Wishes to Santa

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Today’s Topic: Dear Santa! What would you put on your blogging/bookish wish list if the sky was the limit? A new blog design? A house filled with new bookshelves? Even MORE books? Continue reading

Update To Pending Books

I have only been awake for just over an hour and so far it’s been a very good day. I’m really excited because I was putting together a list of books I have to get before I rang up the book store to order them (I could just buy them online, but I have rewards to use, it’s better to use them in-store) and while I was on their website I thought I’d check to see if there was a date for a couple of books.

Not only was there a date for one of them, but the other one is out already!

Last year I read The Dwarves by German author Markus Heitz and I really got into it. It’s a combination classical fantasy and dark fantasy because it basically has zombies amongst your typical fantasy characters.

I’d been checking sporadically since then when the next one will be out in the English translation and I discovered it was released two days ago! Awesome.

The other one I checked is one I have been anticipating so much. The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss will be published on the 1st of May.

Patrick Rothfuss is the author of The Name of The Wind which is his first published novel which is so well written with great characters. It’s also a pretty decent sized novel (when I say decent in this case I mean ample. Very, very ample) which is great because it’s hard to put down and you don’t want to finish it too soon.

I think I’m loving March so far. In a couple of weeks God of War III is coming out, Slights by Kaaron Warren is the Book of The Month for my forum, I find out two of the best fantasy novels I’ve read in the last couple of years have their sequels coming out soon (I’ve also been hanging for the next one by Peter V. Brett who wrote The Painted Man – highly recommended dark fantasy), Remember Me will be out soon and I’ve finally bought a Fob watch which is being sent out to me today (I’ll post about GoW III, Remember Me, and the Fob watch on my Meanderings blog).

Now I just need some coffee!