Review: Bear’s Heart by Corie J. Weaver

A land of Native American myths and legends is under siege by a killing wind. Bear Girl, shape-shifting daughter of healers, must leave the land she knows to venture into the mortal world to solve a mystery whose origins lay buried in a three-hundred-year-old tragedy.


This is the second book I’ve read, also the second book published, by Corie J. Weaver. The first being Coyote’s Daughter and, as with Coyote’s Daughter, Bear’s Heart is a quick read with likeable characters, an interesting setting, and deeper messages.

Unlike Coyote’s Daughter however, I didn’t eat it up as quickly as the first, but I still felt the need to read Bear’s Heart. I put this down to the language. It’s not completely different, but Bear Girl comes from an alternate world and of course her culture and how she speaks will be reflected in how the story is worded. In a way this is a good thing because it gives you more of a feeling of where she comes from and the differences between our world and hers. By the end of it though, regardless of language and wording (I want to add here too that it’s not a huge difference. When I mention language and wording, it’s not going crazy like The Lord of the Rings for instance, not even a quarter of that, but it is a subtle difference that does colour perception), I was very taken by the story of Bear Girl’s adventure and her people’s plight. Continue reading

News: Coyote’s Daughter Giveaway

Recently I reviewed Coyote’s Daughter by Corie Weaver and loved it. It’s a young adult fantasy adventure set in New Mexico utilising Native American mythology and I think it’s safe to say Coyote’s Daughter is my new favourite. It’s a story I’ll definitely re-read and where the sequel will be much appreciated. You can read my review at the above link for more about what I like about it.

The reason why I’m posting about it is because Corie Weaver is having a give-away!

Corie has eBook copies of Coyote’s Daughter and the signed poster up for grabs, one of which you can win with a simple comment, and the other via a more fun and creative way. I recommend Coyote’s Daughter, whether your a tween or an adult, especially for those who love their YA fantasy. So go check it out!