Giveaway: Win An ARC of Bandits by LM Preston!

EDIT: I’m running this giveaway for another day (well really two days) because I haven’t been able to get online to end it and announce the winner. So now it will end tomorrow at 8pm (Tuesday the 19th) AEST. Get in there quick before it ends!

I’m excited because it’s giveaway time! If you follow my blog and my little rambles you might remember me mentioning Bandits by L.M. Preston several times now, at least I feel like I’ve been talking about it quite a bit (here’s my review and here’s Preston’s guest post).

Well now you can win yourself your very own ARC, that’s right, your very own Advanced Readers Copy of Bandits to enjoy!

A little about Bandits if you have no idea what I’m on about and just want to get to the giveaway part – Bandits is an action packed young adult science fiction/fantasy novel set mostly on the planet Merwin.

It follows the adventure of Daniel and his friends after his father is murdered. Daniel not only has to find out who these people are, but is also in a race against time to prevent a world wide catastrophe.

Bandits has a little bit of romance, strong and interesting characters, a sense of humour, a diverse ecological setting, and plenty of action. For a full synopsis check out my review, but otherwise on to the giveaway!
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Guest Post: FESSING UP-FACE YOUR FEARS by L.M. Preston

Many writers pull from personal experience to make epic hurdles for their characters. Id love to share mine with you.

There are times when you’ve made a great mistake, got caught sneaking out, or got punished for something you knew darn well you shouldn’t have done – and the time to pay the piper is near. Fess up and apologizing is one of the hardest things to do – and truly mean sometimes. We all have to start sometime.


My parents had one rule, “Do not leave the house without telling us.” Well, you know what I did right? I left – just to go to the corner store. I did it a lot, heck, got away with it at least a dozen times before I got…caught. You know while I was doing it, I didn’t think I would get caught. No really, they hardly ever doubted that I would not follow the rules. I followed the rules in most everything else. I was a “good” kid that was easily managed – not! But at least I thought I was. Continue reading