An Interview with Author Clint Stoker

After moving on from his pursuit to become a rock star, Clint Stoker discovered a love for fiction with the help of novels like I Am Legend, as well as another way to tell stories; through books.

Breaking the writers-grew up-writing stereotype, Clint has written and published his début novel The Cause and has given me the opportunity to quiz him all about it.

You can find Clint at his blog where he shares his short stories, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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Bonnie: Your first novel, The Cause, is dystopian, but would you classify yourself as purely a dystopian author?

Clint Stoker: I love dystopia, but I’m very careful about labels. I expect to write at least two more dystopias, but only because those happen to be the stories that are nagging at me. I don’t necessarily want to put myself in one genera. I’ve had impulses to write an historical fiction, so I’d like to leave that option available if a story needs to be written. Continue reading

An Interview with Author Ciye Cho

With a vivid imagination and plenty of artistic ability, author Ciye Cho grew up dreaming about and creating fantastical creatures. Eventually this culminated into his first novel, Shiewo: A Fantasy Flight to Adventure, along with artwork and a soundtrack to go with the whimsical adventure. When not creating new worlds and characters, Ciye Cho resides in Australia and works as a freelance graphic designer.

You can find Ciye and follow his work on the Shiewo website, Facebook, YouTube, his blog, and Soundcloud.

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Bonnie: Going by your bio, the universe of Oberana has been in the making for quite some time. Do you remember how old you were when you first started creating Oberana?

Ciye Cho: I was twenty was when I started writing Shiewo, but the ideas behind the universe of Orberana have been with me since I was a child. I’ve always been fascinated by clouds, creatures of flight and, of course, the idea of a musically-powered flying ship. It did take quite a few years to write “Fantasy Flight”, for I worked on it in between part-time jobs and studies–but it’s been a fun ride! Continue reading

An Interview With Author Nadine Rose Larter

Happy with creating and playing with new characters, Nadine Rose Larter was always passionate about words, and has now published her first book, Coffee at Little Angels, with another one on the way. Apart from novel writing she also writes poetry and runs her website The Katalina Playroom while residing with her family on the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

You can follow Nadine’s work and connect with her via Passing the Open Windows, GoodReads, Facebook, and Twitter.


Bonnie: Your story Coffee at Little Angels (my review) is character driven, what process do you have when it comes to getting to know your characters?

Nadine Rose Larter: You know when it comes to characters I think you might start out thinking you’re in control but very soon you realize that your characters have minds and quirks of their own. There is a lot of instinct involved when it comes to characters and I do think it is just best to follow those instincts. It might seem insane that these people just arrive on your pages knowing exactly who they are, but as soon as you try to manipulate their personalities away from what your instincts are telling you things go wrong. I find it’s best to just let them play out as they want to. Continue reading

BA News: BA Reading Challenges for 2012

It has been a crazy year for challenges or at least I know it has been for BA. See, I’ve been a bit of a challenge junkie over the years, but I kept having this habit of looking for challenges that didn’t exist or weren’t suitable. Granted I could challenge myself and be done with it, but there’s something fun about sharing a goal like that with a community of challenge addicted readers (ok, maybe you’re not all addicted…).

In later 2010 I decided to host my own. I once had Blogger blogs and I know they allow script unlike WP. In order to use link widgets I decided to host several challenges on Blogger instead with BA Reading Challenges.

For someone who was expecting a handful of people to join up, mostly people I knew, these challenges have done exceptionally well (last count was 497 participants). Because they’ve done exceptionally well and seeing as I spend most of my time editing and administrating on this blog, BA is now going to host it’s challenges here!

There’s a few challenges that weren’t very popular so we’re saying goodbye to them and welcoming some new ones, but we’re also going to be having some old ones too.

These thumbnails will take you to the challenge pages so you can learn more about them, with larger badges, and sign up if you want to. Continue reading

An Interview with Author Corie J. Weaver

From voracious reader to published writer, Corie J. Weaver is the author of the young adult fantasy Coyote’s Daughter, with a sequel on the way. She has a background in medieval history, is a traveller, and resides in New Mexico with her husband and their four pets.

You can follow Corie, along with her work, at her website, on Facebook, and Twitter.

Thanks to the author I was able to review Coyote’s Daughter and loved it. As is one of my favourite hobbies, Corie J Weaver has allowed me to interrogate her about writing, young adult fiction, fantasy, and more. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Bonnie: What prompted you to write young adult fiction?

Corie: When I read, I want to escape, to be taken away by a story that grabs you and runs with you and just doesn’t let you go. Stories of heroes, and of reluctant heroes who do the job anyway, catch my attention. I enjoy reading young adult fiction, and when I thought I’d try writing a story, it was a natural choice.

Bonnie: Are there specific books/authors that brought about your love for young adult fiction?

Corie: Oh, goodness. There’s quite a few, actually. Tamora Piece comes to mind, and Brian Jacques’ Redwall books. Growing up I read the Narnia books and the Hobbit with my mother (we actually read aloud all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in middle school – mother love in action!).  Two that I read in the 80s that I still have copies of are Princess of Flames, by Ru Emerson, and Daughter of Empire by Raymond Feist and Jenny Wurtz. Continue reading

An Interview with Author E.D. Evgenievich

E.D. Evgenievich is an author who was born with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. So far his work consists of short story collections and longer narratives, which analyse various aspects of society while also being enjoyable speculative fiction. He writes for kids and adults, the latter definitely being for its intended audience. You can find him and his work at his website, The Weird Mind of E.D. Evgenievich.

E.D. has let me ask him several questions to share with our readers. Enjoy, and thank you E.D.


Bonnie: Your 2011 Omnibus, which I’ve recently reviewed, has three very interesting pieces (Familiar Feces, Chance Booty and November Ripples, and Jehovah Rising), can you give readers an idea of what you were setting out to achieve with each one?

E.D. Evgenievich: Familiar Feces: As you say in your review, while the story structure of FF is broadly speaking a dystopian crime thriller, “there are a lot of issues touched upon including racism, politics, mental conditioning, and certain areas of the psychology of sex”; I would also mention environmental issues; lifestyle choices in a metaphysical void; gender power relations in the sense of women becoming ‘increasingly equal’ as in ‘absorbed into/becoming part of the patriarchal structures’ by way of maintaining quasi-male identities, including both that of Clarice Starling and the tranny whore; emotion and cognition-regulating substance power relations; health politics; and, of course, the most adult of themes – that of selling out. Continue reading

An Interview With Author Wyatt Davenport

Wyatt Davenport is the author of the novel Lunara: Seth and Chloe, which is the beginning of a new science fiction series, with a complimenting short story, Parker McCloud at North Tharsis, that you can read for free.

Recently I was fortunate to be able to read and review a copy of Lunara: Seth and Chloe and Wyatt kindly took the time to answer some of my questions! For those who would also like to win a free eBook copy of Lunara, don’t forget to enter our giveaway.


Interview with Wyatt Davenport

1. When it comes to the locations mentioned in Seth and Chloe, have you based them on real locations and if so which ones? Continue reading