Book Trailers: The Anne Frank – Graphic Novel by Sid Jacobson & Ernie Colón

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Sunday Sessions: The Wave

When I was in year 10, my English teacher introduced me to a novel which would forever stay with me as one of the most awesome novels I’ve ever read. We did all the usual stuff, analysed the themes, techniques, characters, blah blah blah, but the concept behind the novel will never cease to intrigue and amaze me.

The Wave by Morton Rhue follows a week in the life of Laurie Saunders, a high school student in America who attends Gordon High School. Laurie is a straight A student who is dating a football player, David. They both attend Mr. Ross’ Senior History class. Mr. Ross isn’t like all the other teachers, he’s young, enthusiastic and likes to push the boundaries. After showing his class a film on Hitler, he is faced with a question from Laurie, “If only 10% of Germans were Nazis, why didn’t the other 90% do something to stop them?” Ben found that he could not answer this question and thus began the experiment that would forever change the school, the class, Ben, Laurie and every student who ever reads this novel.

I started teaching this novel to my students two weeks ago. I began by teaching them a bit about Nazi Germany, who hitler was, who the Nazis were, concentration camps, etc (having a double teaching degree in History always comes in handy!). Continue reading