Review: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 1

Volume One

London, 1898. The Victorian Era draws to a close and the twentieth century approaches. It is a time of great change and an age of stagnation, a period of chaste order and ignoble chaos. It is an era in need of champions.

In this amazingly imaginative tale, literary figures from throughout time and various bodies of work are brought together to face any and all threats to Britain.


Unfortunately I was a little disappointed with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It took me more than half way before I could start to get into it and even then I still wasn’t sure what was so good about it. I have seen the film adaptation, that I liked, but I don’t remember why and I can barely remember the story, so there were aspects of the original that surprised me. Continue reading

Fun Fridays: The Time Machine Goes Lego!

There’s quite a few stop motion videos involving the use of Lego men and Lego products. I found this adaptation of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells also using Lego. Granted it’s 12+ minutes long, but it’s awesome and I highly recommend watching it if you’re a Time Machine fan or appreciate stop motion film. Enjoy!