BA News: 2013 Challenges Open and 2012 Challenges

I will try and get this out before my brain decides to completely shut down (that was a lot of brain work for some reason)….

2012 Challenges Have Their Own Posts!

In order to make way for 2013 challenges, I have put sign-ups, reviews, and wrap-ups in their own posts. I have been posting them all day long. I know they aren’t closed yet, we still have some 2012 to go, so in order to find everything easily I have linked it all up like crazy.

Where the Links at

  • In the Sidebar: You will find what you need via the sidebar under the link – 2012 Reading Challenges – which is located in the Challenge Quick Links Menu.
  • In the Posts: Every post will have a link up to what you need – 2012 sign-ups, reviews, and wrap-ups, as well as a direct link to 2013 challenges and the challenges F.A.Q.
  • On the Main Challenge Page: I’ve added a Quick Links Menu on the main challenge page for all the 2012 posts.
  • On Each Challenge Page: I’ve added a Quick Links Menu to each of the challenge pages as well.

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