Fun Fridays: Dr Seuss, Meet Cthulhu

I love a good mash-up, especially when it involves one of my favourite subjects. Dr Seuss. And what says scary more than Cthulhu? You see where I’m going with this don’t you?

Check out this awesome combination inspired by two very famous elements, Dr Seuss and Cthulhu, brought together by the artist DrFaustusAu to create a story I would snap up in a second if it was in print form.

Each panel takes you to their respective pages so you can read the story itself and you can find the rest of these babies here.

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Fun Fridays: Bookfessions

Bookfessions is a collection of book related confessions by book loving people. Sometimes it’s thought provoking, sometimes it can be a little dorky, most of the time I find it very amusing, but what I love about Bookfessions the most is being able to read confessions by people you know have a shared passion for something and it’s even better when you share it. I’ve followed along with other confession platforms like PostSecret for instance, but Bookfessions is more about sharing your love with reading and it has never depressed me when I’ve browsed the website.

I’m sharing some of these confessions, all of which link up to the original source, and I highly recommend checking out the website itself.

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Fun Fridays: The Booklovers by The Divine Comedy

This song is by the band The Divine Comedy. I barely know who they are, but I know about this song, it’s from their Promenade album for anyone who is interested and it lists over seventy authors. I think this song may be more entertaining to particular humour and reading tastes, but even so, there’s also a lot of reading ideas you can take from this as well.

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