2012 Challenges Summary: BA’s Free Reads Reading Challenge

To hail to the new year, albeit belatedly, I’m sharing all the links you’ve shared during BA’s 2012 reading challenges. Today it is all about the Free Reads challenge aimed at reading books given to you as gifts, ARCs, won in prizes, or found in the street. See who signed up, discover what everyone was reading, and learn about their reading year.

Please be aware that there are quite a few links in this post, but I’ve broken up the links into three sections – Participants, Your Reviews, and Your Experiences – in order to make it more user friendly. Continue reading

BA News: 2013 Challenges Open and 2012 Challenges

I will try and get this out before my brain decides to completely shut down (that was a lot of brain work for some reason)….

2012 Challenges Have Their Own Posts!

In order to make way for 2013 challenges, I have put sign-ups, reviews, and wrap-ups in their own posts. I have been posting them all day long. I know they aren’t closed yet, we still have some 2012 to go, so in order to find everything easily I have linked it all up like crazy.

Where the Links at

  • In the Sidebar: You will find what you need via the sidebar under the link – 2012 Reading Challenges – which is located in the Challenge Quick Links Menu.
  • In the Posts: Every post will have a link up to what you need – 2012 sign-ups, reviews, and wrap-ups, as well as a direct link to 2013 challenges and the challenges F.A.Q.
  • On the Main Challenge Page: I’ve added a Quick Links Menu on the main challenge page for all the 2012 posts.
  • On Each Challenge Page: I’ve added a Quick Links Menu to each of the challenge pages as well.

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