Excerpt from Supreme Justice by Max Allan Collins

TLC Book ToursAt the moment Max Allan Collins’ newest release, Supreme Justice, is on virtual tour with TLC Book Tours. As part of the tour today I have an excerpt for you all to enjoy. Catch a glimpse of Collins’ newest story!

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Excerpted from SUPREME JUSTICE by Max Allan Collins. Copyright 2014. Published By Thomas & Mercer. Used by permission of the publisher. Not for reprint without permission.

In less than an hour, Nicholas Blount would be staring into the infinite blackness of a Glock barrel.

But right now, at the end of another typically long and tedious day as a Supreme Court law clerk, Nicky seemed almost to bounce across the well-appointed outer office of Associate Justice Henry Venter.

If you didn’t have endless energy, best not to clerk at the top court in the country—especially if you were working for this notoriously conservative, famously hardworking African American justice.

Nicky glanced into the AJ’s office. There sat the man himself, leaned over in his tufted-back chair, tiny reading glasses perched on his nose, a green-shaded banker’s lamp on the corner of the massive mahogany desk providing just enough light to view the brief before him. Bull-necked with graying hair, Venter had played football at the University of Missouri, though keeping in shape had never been a priority. Still, soft around the middle though he might be, Venter was fairly fit for seventy. Continue reading