Discovering Ebooks and The Sony eReader

I mentioned in passing about a week ago that it was my birthday last Saturday (the 12th). The present I received from Sarah was a Sony eReader, pocket edition. The picture on the left isn’t of mine, but it gives you an idea. Mine also came with a leather case so when it is closed it looks like a small notebook. I love that because I can put it in my book case and it blends in! It’s so cute.

After having a play with it, finding websites to download and purchase ebooks from, and reading a novel on it, I thought I would share my opinions and experiences with it in the past week.

Obviously it won’t hold the same experience as a book; it doesn’t have the smell, you don’t have the feel of the pages at your finger tips, the colour isn’t there, you can’t use your favourite bookmark, there isn’t that blissful satisfaction of being the first to crack the spine if you’re a spine cracker (I’m not, but I know of people who are), and if you’re vain in the show off sense no one will know what you’re reading (that could also come in handy). Continue reading