An Interview with Author E.D. Evgenievich

E.D. Evgenievich is an author who was born with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. So far his work consists of short story collections and longer narratives, which analyse various aspects of society while also being enjoyable speculative fiction. He writes for kids and adults, the latter definitely being for its intended audience. You can find him and his work at his website, The Weird Mind of E.D. Evgenievich.

E.D. has let me ask him several questions to share with our readers. Enjoy, and thank you E.D.


Bonnie: Your 2011 Omnibus, which I’ve recently reviewed, has three very interesting pieces (Familiar Feces, Chance Booty and November Ripples, and Jehovah Rising), can you give readers an idea of what you were setting out to achieve with each one?

E.D. Evgenievich: Familiar Feces: As you say in your review, while the story structure of FF is broadly speaking a dystopian crime thriller, “there are a lot of issues touched upon including racism, politics, mental conditioning, and certain areas of the psychology of sex”; I would also mention environmental issues; lifestyle choices in a metaphysical void; gender power relations in the sense of women becoming ‘increasingly equal’ as in ‘absorbed into/becoming part of the patriarchal structures’ by way of maintaining quasi-male identities, including both that of Clarice Starling and the tranny whore; emotion and cognition-regulating substance power relations; health politics; and, of course, the most adult of themes – that of selling out. Continue reading