BA News: 2013 Challenges Open and 2012 Challenges

I will try and get this out before my brain decides to completely shut down (that was a lot of brain work for some reason)….

2012 Challenges Have Their Own Posts!

In order to make way for 2013 challenges, I have put sign-ups, reviews, and wrap-ups in their own posts. I have been posting them all day long. I know they aren’t closed yet, we still have some 2012 to go, so in order to find everything easily I have linked it all up like crazy.

Where the Links at

  • In the Sidebar: You will find what you need via the sidebar under the link – 2012 Reading Challenges – which is located in the Challenge Quick Links Menu.
  • In the Posts: Every post will have a link up to what you need – 2012 sign-ups, reviews, and wrap-ups, as well as a direct link to 2013 challenges and the challenges F.A.Q.
  • On the Main Challenge Page: I’ve added a Quick Links Menu on the main challenge page for all the 2012 posts.
  • On Each Challenge Page: I’ve added a Quick Links Menu to each of the challenge pages as well.

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BA News: BA Reading Challenges for 2012

It has been a crazy year for challenges or at least I know it has been for BA. See, I’ve been a bit of a challenge junkie over the years, but I kept having this habit of looking for challenges that didn’t exist or weren’t suitable. Granted I could challenge myself and be done with it, but there’s something fun about sharing a goal like that with a community of challenge addicted readers (ok, maybe you’re not all addicted…).

In later 2010 I decided to host my own. I once had Blogger blogs and I know they allow script unlike WP. In order to use link widgets I decided to host several challenges on Blogger instead with BA Reading Challenges.

For someone who was expecting a handful of people to join up, mostly people I knew, these challenges have done exceptionally well (last count was 497 participants). Because they’ve done exceptionally well and seeing as I spend most of my time editing and administrating on this blog, BA is now going to host it’s challenges here!

There’s a few challenges that weren’t very popular so we’re saying goodbye to them and welcoming some new ones, but we’re also going to be having some old ones too.

These thumbnails will take you to the challenge pages so you can learn more about them, with larger badges, and sign up if you want to. Continue reading