An Interview with Author Clint Stoker

After moving on from his pursuit to become a rock star, Clint Stoker discovered a love for fiction with the help of novels like I Am Legend, as well as another way to tell stories; through books.

Breaking the writers-grew up-writing stereotype, Clint has written and published his début novel The Cause and has given me the opportunity to quiz him all about it.

You can find Clint at his blog where he shares his short stories, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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Bonnie: Your first novel, The Cause, is dystopian, but would you classify yourself as purely a dystopian author?

Clint Stoker: I love dystopia, but I’m very careful about labels. I expect to write at least two more dystopias, but only because those happen to be the stories that are nagging at me. I don’t necessarily want to put myself in one genera. I’ve had impulses to write an historical fiction, so I’d like to leave that option available if a story needs to be written. Continue reading