Reading Guides: Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Each month I’ll be posting points discussed at my book club for those who are curious about what we talk about ( including points made prior, but not discussed) or need a reading guide for the book for their own clubs. You’ll find a list of all reading guides on the reading guides page. You’re welcome to use it and to adapt the questions to your own social group use, but if you do and have a website or blog please link back using the following banner.

October’s book was Storm Front by Jim Butcher. The following points and questions are a combination of what I prepared beforehand and what we discussed (includes spoilers).

  • Harry doesn’t share information which leads him to be misunderstood. Is this a character flaw? Does he learn from it? What purpose does this have for the story?
  • Harry plays along with Susan when she plays a yes and no game with him, could he have avoided this? What do you think the writer was trying to achieve by Harry playing along?
  • How does Harry treat women? Does it suit the story and the time setting? How does this affect your initial opinion of the story and of Harry?
  • Do you have a favourite part of Storm Front? Is there a passage that stood out to you or a certain description? What was it that made it so appealing?
  • At one point the female characters are using their ‘feminine wiles’ on Harry to try to manipulate him. Do you feel this is an appropriate or bias portrayal? How does this affect the story and does it play an important role in the plot or is this all to show how Harry sees women and his relationship with them?
  • Was the main plot well written? Was the murder scenarios creative and thought out? Did you see the ending coming?
  • Harry mentions that there is a difference between uneducated (the black mage) and educated wizards (himself), to what purpose does he mention this?
  • What demographic do you feel the novel is aimed at and why?
  • Were the characters and their reactions believable? Were you able to relate to any of them? Why?
  • Were the motivations of the characters believable or did their actions feel like a means to further the plot?
  • Out of the secondary characters who do you feel impacted on the story and how? What characters do you feel were the most important to the story and the least? Did any of those characters stand out to you and why?
  • The story has an element of romance, but do you feel this is a love story or only sexual undertones? Does that aspect enhance or detract from the story? What impact do you feel it plays on the story and your opinions on it and Harry Dresden?
  • Being Urban Fantasy, it’s possible the novel has fantasy clichés, do you feel there were certain clichés? Were there clichés that the author was able to avoid or should have been have been avoided?
  • Storm Front is the first of several books in a series, will you continue reading on or stop with this one? Why or why not?