Fun Fridays: That’s A Bookcase?

At some point bookcases became art pieces for a percentage of people. Don’t get me wrong, some of the unique bookcases out there are pretty cool and there’s some I love the design of, but you can’t tell me that those book cases are designed to hold books. As cool as some of those shelves are I wonder about the people who actually buy them and if they actually read or like the idea of looking like they do?

One of the biggest issues that a serious bookworm and collector faces is space and there’s a lot of unique bookcases that don’t cater to space, but are all for looks, so I thought I’d share some pictures of bookcases out there that are just weird and not practical. All images link up to their sources as well.

In My Mailbox: Bookcase!

There’s something about a fully stocked bookcase. I love a full bookcase especially if it’s solid and has been loved.

I have been planning on designing and having my own bookcase made, but then I came across one on Ebay that was starting at 20 dollars. It was also local pick up and just down the road from me so I wouldn’t have to pay for postage (bargain).

I bid on it and ended up buying it for $51. I thought I’d share photos of it because I am in love with it and excitable. Plus it’s book related and it came in my mailbox by association (I bought it online, that counts doesn’t it?).

I also got a little excited and took several pictures hence putting everything in gallery view.

Here’s a little explanation;

  1. My bookcase
  2. Fred the Skeleton sitting on the bookcase. It’s his new home after he took over my gaming chair for several months.
  3. And the rest – I have some knick knacks that I’ve matched up to the books. Well some of them anyway because I couldn’t match up the rest. I was going to match up my crystals to my crystal book for instance, but that book is in another bookcase.

I finally got all the books away, but I haven’t cleaned everything else. I think it’s about time I focused on that and stopped getting distracted…