BA News: Things are Happening Here on BA

Hello my fellow readers! Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone has had a safe, happy, fun, and lovely holiday season. I’ve been back from Melbourne since Saturday, but life has been interesting since then. I’ve learnt I shouldn’t make plans to have ‘chill out and catch up on blogging’ days. Each time I do that the opposite seems to happen. Sunday I spent eight hours cleaning out the garage, as you do, and then yesterday it was root canal therapy.

I know how to keep life interesting and not quiet.

Anyway, the point is I’m back and I’ve set time aside to focus on BA today! I’m not sure in what order I’m doing things today but here’s what you can expect to be updated, created, begun, etc.; Continue reading

BA News: Reading Challenge News

Hey lovely readers! I have a short, but big in awesome, update for you regarding reading challenges. I am currently organising BA’s 2013 Reading Challenges. They will be the same as this year, but with brand new and empty sign-up linkies and whatnot.

First you will see posts for this year’s challenges and then 2013 challenges will be open. So keep an eye out. If all goes well you should be able to start signing up by the end of this week!

In the meantime, if you’ve taken part in a challenge and would like to share feedback, I would love to hear from you. If you think something can be done better, have a suggestion, or just want to share some happy thoughts in regards to the challenges, I will take everything into consideration.

Thank you!