BA News: Calling All Lovers of Indie Authors!

BA's Go Indie Reading 2013 Reading Challenge. Grab me!Hello readers… So the other day I was updating my links for the various reading challenges I host when, lo and behold, I noticed the lack of links in one of the widgets. It’s only me sharing reviews for the Go Indie challenge! If there was a competition between the challenges, Go Indie wouldn’t just be losing. It would be dying. Dying a slow and agonising death as its fellow challenges are a world away from it.

Poor Go Indie challenge… Dying slowly, alone, unloved, and probably bleeding from every orifice*…

My issue with personifying everything aside, I wanted to bring the Go Indie challenge to every reader’s attention! First off, if you’re already signed up, share your reviews! Share your books with other readers! Just share! Sharing is caring as the Carebears say. There’s no need to remind me how old I am.

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BA News: Too Stuffed for Posting

Just a short post today. If you’ve been following my BA posting challenge, you would have known I missed yesterday. Well, I’m not going to be posting it or anything else for the next few days by the looks of things. I had a lovely bug over the weekend that cleaned me out and left me feeling pretty spaced. I swear, if I wasn’t sick, I would have thought someone had drugged me.

As of today I’m feeling better though. I’ve stopped throwing up and have been able to eat almost normal meals. Huzzah! Except being without food for 36 hours does a number on you so now I’m getting over that too. Woo. Hence no posting… Too delirious to post. That’s me!

If you’re waiting for my challenge post to go up, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Follow the badge on the side there and you can link up to that page if you’d prefer. Otherwise, I’ll have my post up before the weekend, just might be like right on the beginning of the weekend…