BA’s 2013 End-of-Year Countdown #6

The 2013 End of Year CountdownFor something different to bring in the new year, I thought I’d create a countdown of book-related posts. Each day, as 2014 approaches, one of my posts will go up. If you want to take part, you’re more than welcome to.

I’m coupling this countdown with the BA Posts Challenge, but you don’t need to do the same. You can share these posts in any order you wish, as spaced out as you wish, and interpret the topics in a way that suits you. You can find all the countdown topics here.


BA’s End of Year Countdown Day #6: Newly Discovered and Rediscovered Authors in 2013

Were they awesome, have you decided to read more books by them, why did you decide to revisit their work, or what about them does or doesn’t suit your reading tastes? Continue reading

Book Blogger Confessions: Author Interactions

Book Blogger Confessions is a meme that posts the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, where book bloggers “confess” and vent about topics that are unique to us. Feel free to share, vent and offer solutions.

Hosted by For What It’s Worth and Midnyte Reader. Check out the Book Blogger Confessions Schedule to see what topics are coming up.


oday’s Topic: – Author interactions. Have you ever emailed an author to tell them you loved/disliked their book? As a book reviewer, do you think we should cross that line? Do you mind when authors re-tweet or comment on reviews? Does that intimidate you in any way in regards to review writing, knowing that they may be reading it? Do author interactions – both pro or con – change how you view their work? Continue reading

BA Post Challenge: Meet and Greet

BA’s 26 Posts Blogging Challenge

BA's 26 Posts Challenge for Book BloggersWelcome to BA’s 26 Posts Posting Challenge for Book Bloggers! The aim of this challenge is to create one post a week, focusing on books, book blogs, and a scattering of personal topics, for 26 weeks. You can learn more, or be kept up to date with topics here.

Posts will go up every Sunday, but you can post any time during the week (all topics are pre-listed), and share your posts in the comments for others to find. Please refrain from targeting individuals, bullying, or slandering in your posts. Share your opinions, but keep it diplomatic if anything negative comes up so this can be, and stay, a fun challenge.

This Week’s Topic

 Meet and Greet: Who are some of the authors you have met or would love to meet and why? Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Would DIE To Meet

Reminder: There’s one more day to enter The Last Man on Earth Club giveaway to win an eBook copy of the novel by the same name by Paul R. Hardy. It’s as simple as filling out this form. This giveaway will end at 10am, 13th of July, Australian Eastern Standard Time so be quick!


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and Bookish with a new list subject every Tuesday.

This week’s Top Ten is Top Ten Authors I Would DIE to meet (living or dead). Now, how could reaching ten on this list be hard for any avid reader?

  1. H.G. Wells – I didn’t even have to think about that one! I think the main reason I would love to meet Wells is because he was a man with a magnificent imagination that he could share in a time that gave his imagination a sense of being beyond current trends and what society could envision as the future.
  2. Patrick Rothfuss – I love his writing style and would love to meet him to discuss that alone, but he seems to have a great personality too if you read enough of his blog. What with his interesting gingerbread men, his propensity to start singing, and his honesty when it comes to writing blurbs, you know that any time spent with him is going to be entertaining regardless of his writing talent. As a bonus, the man also is a fan of Firefly and has played Fallout… How good is that? Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday: Lacking Recognition

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and Bookish with a new list subject every Tuesday.

This week’s top ten is Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition.

I like this week’s theme because there are so many great authors out there who don’t get a shoe in or aren’t as appreciated as the big, well known names. I like trying to find the authors that are indie or just starting out and I do prefer review requests with those authors as well. It’s hard to get to so many though, the author pool is so vast, that I think it can make a real difference if more readers check out those little known or new authors, as well as established ones.

Anyway, enough rambling! Here’s my list in no particular order;

  1. James Phelan – Ok, I’ve only read one of his books (Chasers), but it was pretty awesome and I haven’t seen him mentioned anywhere else. More people should mention him or at least just that book! So that’s what I’m doing. The whole reason why is all in that review and the book is the first in a trilogy. Continue reading

Top Picks & Highlights For 2010

These are the top books or books I recommend from the last year and authors I found well written or enjoyed. The lists are not numbered because they are not by order of what is best.

10 Books

10 Authors

Adult Fiction Authors

  • Peter V. Brett
  • Audrey Niffenegger
  • Scott Norton
  • Scott Sigler
  • Kaaron Warren

Young Adult Fiction Authors

  • Michael Grant
  • James Phelan
  • John Marsden
  • Derek Landy
  • Suzanne Collins


I don’t celebrate New Years, because it is another day, but I think it’s fun to look back on what happened in the last year, to remind oneself of what has come to pass and focus on the positives that have occurred. I find it helpful because I do forget what has happened in a certain period of time, therefore these are my bookish highlights for 2010.

  • I got a new bookcase for $50 from Ebay. Bargain! Of course it filled up within a couple of days, but still…
  • I started my own book club after not being able to join another one and it has gone really well.
  • I’ve also hosted my first reading challenge, which only my girlfriend and I signed up for, and have gotten a lot of people signing up for the ones I’m hosting for next year.
  • I was fortunate enough to be approached by a publishing company for reviews.
  • This is more a writing thing, but it’s still bookish – Joining up with NaNoWriMo and having an awesome experience with it is one hell of a highlight for my bookish year.
  • I’ve also had quite a few interactions with authors, both negative and positive, yet am grateful for all of them and have learned some things from the experience.
  • Last, but not least, in only having this blog for a year I have ended up getting quite a few regulars and visitors in general, which is fantastic. I really appreciate regulars, even if it’s just regular readers and not commenters. If I didn’t have visitors I would still blog, but even though I love blogging just for myself it’s nice to know that there’s people out there reading what you’re putting time and effort into so thank you for all followers in the past year.

Do you have any highlights from 2010?

Fun Fridays: Author Questions

Questions about your favourite authors and their books because at the moment I’m not really reading or focusing on the internet (I’ve gone a little gaming crazy of late).

1. Top five authors

  1. George Orwell
  2. H.G. Wells
  3. Anthony Burgess
  4. Anne Rice
  5. Tobsha Learner

2. Have you ever managed to get one of your favourite author’s autographs? Yes, Anne Rice.

3. If you said No to the previous question, which of your favourite authors do you want an autograph from? I do have other favourite authors I’d like an autograph from. Tobsha Learner, Patrick Rothfuss, Peter V Brett, and maybe Dan Abnett. I think I’d give that last one to a certain someone though.

4. Have you ever visited the residence/museum of a famous author? No, but I did always want to go to New Orleans thanks to Anne Rice. Maybe check out H.G. Wells’ digs as well. Other than that there isn’t anywhere else I could think of going that actually has to do with a residence or museum of a famous author. The closest thing would just be locations because I’m usually more interested in the writer’s work rather than their lives.

5. What authors have you met? So far only Chris Froggatt who is writing the Tales of Ghrymatti series.

6. And if none what authors would you like to meet? Anne Rice, Tobsha Learner, Linda Jaivin, Peter V. Brett, Stephen King, Patrick Rothfuss, Dean Koontz, and a lot that aren’t alive anymore.

7. Do you follow any blogs by your favourite authors? Sort of. I’m not very good at actually following blogs so I have several of them bookmarked or have feeds, but rarely check in with them unless I remember to which isn’t very often. So I sporadically follow Peter V. Brett’s, Patrick Rothfuss’s, Sara Douglass, Kaaron Warren, Kathleen Duey, Jennifer Fallon on Voyager (for Fallon Friday) and several others, but I don’t know about being favourites. Maybe just most enjoyed?

8. Do you follow any blogs by any authors? Same as above as I also included ones that I have read or interest me.

9. What is the most recent author you’ve gotten into? I don’t really ‘get into’ authors anymore. For instance Scott Silger is a new one and I like his infected books, but I’m not about to go out and read all of them. I haven’t done that in years. I think it’s because I have a hell of a lot of books to read already and quite a few authors I follow. It doesn’t mean that when I come across a new author I don’t look into their other books, I do, but I also don’t go ballistic and become fanatical over reading everything they have ever written.

10. Do you have authors that you have been meaning to check out? Not really. I have extra books from authors I have already discovered to check out, but mainly when it comes to checking out new books it’s the books and not the authors I come across. I can’t remember the last time I was recommended an author to check out… Wait, Clive Barker. I remember being recommended Barker because I’m a Rice fan, but I don’t usually take too well to author recommendations because a lot of the time people get it very wrong.

Do you prefer the French or the Russians? Both actually. I love the whole Russian classic literature genre and also Russian literature born from views of Communism (I also just love the names of Russian authors). I also like French erotica and there are books in other genres that have interested me. Honestly though, I haven’t been able to read much of either. I do have a list of French and Russian books to read in future, but there’s just so many books to read. I need more hours in a day.

Do you like authors from a specific background or nationality? Not really, at least not with authors. I do like stories written from certain countries because I love different cultures so naturally I’ll be drawn to stories that are from those different countries, but I don’t have any specific favourites or track down specific authors based on background and nationality. I do sometimes start to when it comes to something such as orientation or heritage that I can related to, but that’s usually pretty vague and short lived.

Who do you think is the most overrated author alive today? In all honesty and probably the most obvious answer – Stephenie Meyer. No offence to her, but so many people think she is a brilliant author. I’ve read her books and have found them entertaining, but there are authors out there who have left me absolutely dumb struck after reading their books and yes her books can emotionally suck you in, but they don’t leave me dumb struck and questioning.

Which authors do you think have the best humour when writing? I’m going to take that as ones that actually make me laugh during their writing rather than ones that make me smile or only make me laugh with certain characters. Scott Sigler, Kaaron Warren, H.G. Wells cracks me up (I literally broke out laughing when I read only one line during a conversation between two characters. I got funny looks because it’s H.G. Wells), Sandy Mitchell sometimes, Dean Koontz, Linda Jaivin and I can’t think of any non fiction writers.