Book Trailers: Safe Harbour by Helene Young

Every Saturday I share a book trailer of new releases, books we (other readers and myself) love, want to read, and anything that fits in with BA, in the hopes of helping readers find something new to enjoy.


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Escape Publishing: Aussie Authors Go Digital

Recently, Harlequin Australia launched their new digital imprint; Escape Publishing. Today I have Kate from Escape Publishing here to share the news and to tell us all a little bit about Harlequin Australia’s new venture.


Thanks so much for inviting me to Bookish Ardour! I loved your recent post about Dead Until Dark – I had exactly the opposite reaction. I read the books, then watched True Blood and was all, ‘what is this crap? What did they do to Sookie?’ I’m still suspicious of people who like the TV show better than the books. Do you buy Anna Paquin as a blonde?

What? What was that? Escape Publishing? Oh right!

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