Review: Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber

Sybil by Flora Reta Schreiber

‘How are you today?’ the doctor asked. ‘I’m fine’, was the reply. ‘But Sybil isn’t. She was so sick she couldn’t come. So I came instead.’

Sybil is the story of a woman with sixteen separate personalities, and was instrumental in influencing the definition and diagnosis of multiple personality disorder.

Sybil’s diagnosis has since been called into question – but, forty years after it was first published, her story remains a gripping and disturbing account of one woman’s struggle for mental stability and happiness.



I began reading Sybil with an idea of the story’s surrounding controversy. When the author’s account of Sybil’s story came out, it made quite an impact and resulted in a movie. Why wouldn’t it? This poor woman had sixteen personalities and her life was not liveable. Her childhood was horrible, reading about it is traumatic enough, and then she’s constantly questioning everything around her. Even if it’s not true, the story itself has some serious details to create a riveting tale. Continue reading