Over the course of BA’s existence, there has been the occasional (sometimes very regular) review request by authors, which I, and other contributors, have reviewed for. As well as author requests we’ve also reviewed for publishers. Sometimes it’s a one off book, sometimes it’s ongoing, and sometimes it’s for a series. Whichever it is, all the reviews and publishers have been listed below as a show of appreciation for them coming our way and for you to be able to find them.


Bankstown Youth Development Services aka BYDS

From the website itself – BYDS (Bankstown Youth Development Service Inc.) is a community arts based cultural development organisation located at the Bankstown Arts Centre. BYDS has for the last twenty years instigated innovative arts and cultural projects leading to profound and lasting changes amongst the communities and young people of Bankstown and South West Sydney.

Apart from community based projects, BYDS also helps the youth of Western Sydney express themselves via art and writing. We’ve reviewed one of their magazine projects, a collection of short stories and art, which is available to read online.


To find out more about The BYDS visit them at and to learn more about Deep Surburbia.


Campfire India

Campfire India is a graphic novel imprint catering to a young audience. During the later part of 2010 BA reviewed four titles for them. Campfire India have four categories – Classics, Mythology, Biography, and Originals. To help sum up what they are about, this is their mission statement;

“To entertain and educate young minds by creating unique illustrated books to recount stories of human values, to arouse curiosity in the world around us, and to inspire by tales of great deeds of unforgettable people.”


To check out their catalogues or learn more about them please visit their website.


James Phelan, On Behalf of Hachette Australia.

An Australian based author, James Phelan has quite a few published novels up his sleeve. The Alone trilogy, a post-apocalyptic thriller, is his first foray into Young Adult fiction. The sequel was reviewed via request with Hachette Australia after Chasers was reviewed here at BA. The third and final novel in the trilogy, Quarantine, has been released as well.


Hachette Australia is an imprint of the Hachette Livre Publishing group that publishes adult and children’s books in a wide range of genres. Their author list includes several Australia based and international authors, such as The Dalai Lama, Lian Hearn, Barry Humphries, and Mitch Albom.

To learn more about Hachette Australia, the Hachette Livre Publishing group, and the books they’ve published, check out their website at


HarelquinTeen Australia

HarlequinTeen Australia is an imprint of Harlequin Books, a publisher aiming to print fiction and non-fiction women can enjoy in all types of genres, such as romance, fantasy, non-fiction, and young adult fiction, which is where HarlequeenTeen comes in.

About HarlequinTeen direct from the website – ‘Fresh and authentic teen fiction featuring extraordinary characters and unforgettable stories set in contemporary, paranormal, fantasy, science-fiction and historical worlds.’


You can connect with HarlequinTeen Australia via Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about Harlequin Books Australia visit


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