My Personal Reading Challenge

It’s 2016! Well, well, well… BA has been quiet for over a year, at least review-wise, and I find myself wanting to get back into it.

Where did I go for a year? If you are curious about that sort of thing here’s a quick catch-up. – I moved house at the end of 2014 and my life got busy. I ended up working 6 days a week, and going out socialising. It’s understandable when you know I was housebound for almost 10 years and unable to be independent.

So I just… Lived my life. Then I tried my hand at studying, which went well, except then I fell prey to mental illness. Again. For what feels like the millionth time. I say fell prey again simply because I have continuously suffered from mental illness and I’m at that phase where it’s taken over. Again. I just rolled my eyes. I’m that impressed with it.

Anyway, so there’s all of that. Now back to books.

I have decided, after my time away, that I want to challenge myself, but not be overly challenged. I also want to read, but I don’t want to accept reviews anymore (I loved it at the time, but it’s too much pressure right now). I loved hosting reading challenges, but again too much right now. This brings me to my new personal reading challenge! Continue reading

BA News: Too Many Things, Not Enough Time

Where to begin? Good question…

I guess the most major news first, the one thing to mostly affect my schedule and posting, is I got a job. I’m temping at BookFari. BookFari is an online book store based in Australia. It’s possible you would’ve noticed the name mentioned on Bookish Ardour as I have been linking to BookFari in my reviews for a while now.

A friend, who works there, is going on maternity leave and I’m going to be filling in for her. At the moment I’m learning the ropes part-time, which probably wouldn’t disrupt your usual blogging schedule that much. I tend to become disrupted with just about everything when one thing changes, so I’ve been trying to get my bearings and haven’t been focusing so much on blogging till I’m settled. Oh the fun times to be had when you have OCD and brain fog. Haha.

Funny story – I haven’t seen my Kindle in over a week and thought I’d lost it on the train. Nope. I found it this morning! It was tucked into a pile of mail I have also been neglecting. Haha. Ha.

So far I’m enjoying working for BookFari and of course it’s always going to be good when you’re surrounding by books at work. Currently they’re having a clearance sale. There’s too much stock in the warehouse and it needs to go, as soon as it can get going, and the prices are pretty cheap. So while the store is online, at the moment I’m working in the pop-up store located in the building and the temptation… oh boy! I have to avert my eyes so often, it’s not funny. Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out the pop-up store, BookFari is located in Rosebery (near Green Square and Mascot) and you can find the address here. Continue reading

BA News: BA’s Reading Challenges are Open for 2014!

I mentioned they were coming along, I mentioned I was updating the widgets, and finally I am done! Sign-up, sign-up, sign-up!

You’ll find all the information you will need via Challenges. You can also go straight from here to see the individual challenges, just click through the badges. All links are still being updated. They’re done for the challenge pages and review pages. If you still have reviews for 2013, and wrap-up posts, to submit, you can find them in their original homes.

Off the Shelf 2014  Go Indie 2014  Get Steampunk'd 2014  Free Reads 2014  Dystopia 2014

If you have any problems please let me know.

BA News: Things are Happening Here on BA

Hello my fellow readers! Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone has had a safe, happy, fun, and lovely holiday season. I’ve been back from Melbourne since Saturday, but life has been interesting since then. I’ve learnt I shouldn’t make plans to have ‘chill out and catch up on blogging’ days. Each time I do that the opposite seems to happen. Sunday I spent eight hours cleaning out the garage, as you do, and then yesterday it was root canal therapy.

I know how to keep life interesting and not quiet.

Anyway, the point is I’m back and I’ve set time aside to focus on BA today! I’m not sure in what order I’m doing things today but here’s what you can expect to be updated, created, begun, etc.; Continue reading

BA’s 2014 Reading Challenges – Check in Here!

Ok! So it’s the New Year and reading challenges have begun, but I’m super behind on getting things organised and guess what? I’m on holiday! I reside in Sydney, NSW, but am on holiday in Melbourne, Victoria.

I won’t be getting back till after the weekend and have everything ready to go for the challenges, but don’t have my Mac (also, on holidays. So, what I would love for you to do if you want to take part in any of my challenges, all of which are being re-hosted on BA, is leave your sign up links in the comments as well as tell me what challenges you will be signing up to.

I will then happily add your links to the widgets when they go live from the 6th of Jan. If you are going to sign up after the 8th of Jan, ignore this post and go directly to the challenge you want to sign up to.

That’s it! Sorry about all the hassle and any inconvenience caused. This holiday season has been very busy for me and now, I’m on holiday! Happy New Year everyone! And happy reading!

BA News: Coming up, My Life with BA, Reading Challenges, & Posting Challenge

Hello book lovers! November is not kind to my blogging habit and I mostly abandoned blogging for four-five weeks. Time, and my obsession with my novel’s word count, got the better of me. My plans to blog regularly disappeared and I ended up with a few scattered scheduled posts.

I have mentioned in the past I am behind on everything, but guess what? I’m still behind and now even more so. With NaNo, and life, I haven’t been reading much. My life is far more involved and busy than it has been in a very long time. My issue now with being able to read is not about if I’m well enough to read, but if I have the time to read.

Time to read and time to blog. Continue reading

BA News: Content to Come, Blogging Challenge, and Reading Challenges

In This Post;

  • Content to Come and Stalled Reviews
  • BA’s Blogging Challenge
  • Reading Challenges for 2013

I thought I’d come out of my bat writing cave and update. I had some posts scheduled and then realised yesterday I didn’t have the ones scheduled that I thought I did. Ha! So you’ve missed some posts. Oh well… Continue reading