Feature: Historical Travel by Aliya Anjum

I remember one hot August afternoon in Philadelphia, US, when I was being given a historical tour of the city by a very jovial gentleman who was later to become my favorite professor.  This was part of the international student orientation and the professor had volunteered to show us his city and its rich past.  What struck me most was that during the tour he said that the city’s history may not impress those of us who come from countries with thousands of years of history.  While it is true that the history he was relating was at most three centuries old, but nonetheless it was fascinating to hear about the early struggles and triumphs of a fledgling United States of America.  Take for example the story of the American flag, sewn by a woman named Betsy Ross, after she was shown a rough drawing.  Her house is close to the famed Liberty Bell, in the heart of Philadelphia city.  Philly as its popularly called, is a very vibrant university town where you can explore American history by day and watch world class entertainment by night.

That’s just my kind of travel.

New York City, Rome, Madrid, Athens, Singapore and Cairo are some of the world’s most famous cities that I have had the privilege of visiting.  These cities have skyscrapers, metro trains, bustling airports, plush hotels and fine dining, but the core of these cities is their history, which gives them a unique charm and a distinct identity. Continue reading

Guest Post: An Excerpt From Leviathan by Jared Sandman

Jared Sandman’s Blogbuster Tour 2011 runs from July 1st through August 31st. His novels include Leviathan, The Wild Hunt and Dreamland, all of which are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. His next book, The Shadow Wolves, will be released in August. Follow him on Twitter (@JaredSandman) and be entered to win one of several $25 Amazon gift cards. See rules at www.jaredsandman.com for eligibility.


“Do we have to go now?” Amber wanted to stay here, on this magical spit of an island. The Isle of Ambergris was special to her, a kingdom she wasn’t prepared to relinquish.

“I got work tomorrow,” he said. “And it’ll take another half hour to row back to shore.” Brad stole a look at his watch, estimated they’d be back at the apartment around eleven.

“Can’t we stay and celebrate a little longer?”

“I’d love to but we’re out of booze, babe. Party’s over.” He stood and collected the blanket and picnic items, including the half-empty bottle of Merlot. Amber sighed and joined him, wiping the sand from her knees and bikini bottom.

They refitted their lifejackets and packed their belongings. Amber helped her boyfriend — fiancé now, that would take some getting used to — overturn the kayaks again. He handed her an oar then dragged one boat to the water’s edge. Brad assisted her to get situated in the kayak’s tight space, and he pushed the craft into the water. He turned to his own while Amber drifted nearby. Continue reading

Random Magic Tour Pirates! Feature: Pirate Lairs Part I – Tortuga

This is somewhat of a long post and unfortunately I may not be able to post up a review (we’ll see, it might be hitting close to the deadline, but we’ll see) with the blog tour so I’m going to be breaking up Pirate Lairs into three parts and posting it over the day, followed by a pirate game and another feature. First up is Tortuga, enjoy!

Feature: Pirate Lairs: Tortuga, Port Royal, New Providence and the
Brethren of the Coast by Sasha Soren Continue reading