A Note On Content

If you’re looking for disclaimers and views on content, you’ve found it!

An Note On Content and Disclaimers

Occasionally BA will review for a publishing company or an author, but all our reviews are our own opinion and not swayed by outside influences regardless if they are reviews via request or for books from our personal library. Our reviews are personal opinion alone. We do not get paid nor are we under any contract for writing reviews. Honest reviews are only ever written in exchange for free books. If ever there is a conflict the books will not be accepted.

We are not under contract or receiving forms of payment to mention websites or to advertise. Affiliate links we have with The Book Depository and Amazon are geared towards raising money to run Bookish Ardour and are not intended to sway opinion. The links we do share, including affiliate links, are both because we feel others might find them of interest and for more availability to readers worldwide.

We’ll always try to be as honest and polite as we can and unfortunately not everyone is going to like it, but this is the way of Bookish Ardour and to do it any other way would be pointless.

Affiliation With The Book Depository and Amazon

If you’ve had a browse through our website and seen the end of our reviews, then you’ve probably seen the links to The Book Depository and Amazon U.S.. If you follow those links to buy those books within a certain amount of time, we will get a commission. This commission is more fortunate for our readers rather than for BA for the commission goes towards book giveaways, postage, and being ad-free.

TBD is a chosen affiliate thanks to their free world wide shipping and cheaper prices. Amazon is a chosen affiliate for their cheaper prices on certain items and for the access of digital media. Affiliates are always chosen with BA’s readers in mind.

If you have any concerns or questions about our content or commissions, please email BA. Thanks!

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