BA Feature Week: Walking Shadows

Welcome to BA’s Book Features showcasing a small collection of books to be released this week, or showcasing a special feature as part of a blog tour and promotion event. If you’d like to have your book featured on Bookish Ardour please send an enquiry.

Author Narrelle M Harris and her novel Walking Shadows


Walking ShadowsLissa Wilson has had one hell of a year. When people she cared about kept turning up dead, she discovered that The Opposite of Life is not always death – at least, not final death anyway. When they tried killing her too, life went from bad to worse.

On the plus side, she made a friend.

Gary Hooper may be the most inept vampire in the world, but he’s taught Lissa the real value of life and so has become possibly the best friend she’s ever had. But, like everyone, Gary has secrets. Secrets that could end their friendship, if Lissa ever discovered the services he provides the undead community.

So what is an ordinary geek-girl librarian to do when hardcore vampire killers begin knocking off the vampire population of Melbourne? She may have no battle skills, let alone supernatural strength, but is that enough to stop Lissa from throwing herself into mortal danger (again) and risking everything to save her bestie?

Lissa discovers that everyone has secrets, everyone gets trapped by their own history. How many can learn to change? How many will live long enough to try?

About the Author

Narrelle M. Harris was born in Newcastle, Australia and proceeded to move every few years until most of her friends thought she was in a witness protection program. Her itinerancy included three years abroad, teaching English in Egypt and Poland.

Although now settled in Melbourne with her husband and her cat, she continues to relieve itchy feel with regular travel, Narrelle has also been a playwright, songwriter, actress, editor, public servant, kitchen hand and – once only – a very bad telemarketer.

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