Review: Bullying Under Attack by Various Authors

Bullying Under AttackWORDS ARE POWERFUL- they can inflict damage and they can heal. In this anthology of first-person accounts written by teenagers for both their peers and adults, words transform pain into hope and the possibility for change.

Bullying Under Attack is an eye-opening anthology of all three players in the bullying cycle. These conversational essays on life as the bullied, the bully, and the bystander provide insight and inspiration for change. Rather than offer a cumbersome psychological breakdown, this graceful and hard-hitting book places the reader firmly in the shoes of all involved.

The stories written by The Bullied explain the subtleties and agony of harassment, helping readers understand that there is more to unkind words and behavior than “just joking around.” Although many of these teens have suffered through harassment by their peers, their essays are both empowering and inspiring. By exploring the essays by The Bullies, readers will discover that the bullies are often times incorrectly labled as bad kids, but many are simply trying to fit in, despite their own insecurities and fears. While these bullies may still have their own seemingly insurmountable obstacles at home, they share their experiences and insights hoping to manage and reforming other bullies. The section voiced by The Bystander shares tales of those who have regrettably watched and those who have stepped up to help others. Here, readers will find the inspiration to speak out rather than just standing by while others are emotionally harmed.

Whether due to race, weight, or jealousy, there are a myriad of reasons WHY. Included in this startling compendium of personal stories that convey the complexity and nuances of what it means to be bullied, are stories of regret, promises, and encouragement that will help readers find solace during their teen years and show them how—as adults—their words and actions can provide strength and reassurance to others experiencing all aspects of bullying. Ultimately, they will learn to find their voices in order to break the cycle for good.



The stories in Bullying Under Attack feature real experiences from victims, bullies, and bystanders. It’s true bullying isn’t a product of any one reason. Bullying is complicated, from all sides, regardless of what position you are in. The experiences expressed within Bullying Under Attack cover mental, verbal, emotional, physical, and cyber abuse. From age-old bullying techniques of spreading gossip, tripping and shoving, socially freezing out, to threatening emails, creating slandering Facebook pages and groups, and coming to people’s houses, nothing gets left out.

It’s quite confronting and overwhelming, especially when you read the collection continuously, to have so many varieties of bullying placed one after the other. The stories are heartbreaking. At the same time, there are inspirational experiences within. It inspires me when reading about someone who has been victimised, survived it, and been stronger after the fact.

Reading from a bully’s perspective, as well as a bystander’s, and knowing they’ve been able to learn from what they’ve done gives me hope. It is horrible in order to have grown they needed to participate in diminishing another human being. Of course it is. This still gives me hope. Maybe they’ll pass on what they’ve learnt and educate the following generation. If ignorance and negative attitude can be overcome one person at a time, what more can we ask for?

I’m well aware nothing is clearcut and we all do things for differing reasons. It is difficult to be able to consider these things when you are in the midst of bullying, from any perspective, but I loved that there were teens willing to share what happened to them. I have so much respect for these teens being able to express their feelings and thoughts during a traumatic time of their lives.

For someone who has had their fair share, plus some, with being victimised by my peers, I wasn’t expecting to be struck by Bullying Under Attack. The stories within are confronting, harrowing, and inspiring. I highly recommend grabbing a copy, regardless of if you’ve been involved in bullying or not.

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