Blog Tour Review: The Accident by Chris Pavone

The Accident by Chris PavoneIn New York, in the early dawn hours, literary agent Isabel Reed is reading frantically, turning the pages breathlessly.  The manuscript—printed out, hand-delivered and totally anonymous—is full of shocking revelations that could bring down one of the most powerful men in the world, and initiate a tremendous scandal implicating multiple American presidents and CIA directors.  This is what Isabel has been waiting for: a book that will help her move on from a painful past, a book that could reinvigorate her career . . . a book that will change the world.

In Copenhagen, CIA agent Hayden Gray has been steadfastly monitoring the dangers that abound in Europe.  His latest task is to track a manuscript—the same manuscript that Isabel is reading.  As he ensures that The Accident remains unpublished, he’s drawn into an elite circle where politics, media, and business collide.  On the one hand, the powerful mogul who has unlimited resources to get what he wants.  On the other, a group of book professionals—an eager assistant, a flailing editor, an ambitious rights director, and a desperate publisher—who all see their separate salvations in this project.  And in between, the author himself, hiding behind shadowy anonymity in what he hopes is safe, quiet Zurich.

In this tangled web, no one knows who holds all the cards, and the stakes couldn’t be higher: an empire could crumble, careers could be launched or ruined, secrets could be unearthed, and innocent people could—and do—die.



It’s sad, but true; sometimes I’m going to struggle to enjoy a story. As much as I wanted the opposite I struggled with The Accident. The beginning grabbed me, but by the time the story hit the flow of the first chapter it had begun to slowly lose me.

Being an aspiring author means I’m naturally curious about stories based in the publishing world and the idea of such a mind-blowing, dangerous, manuscript ripping lives apart and involving hard-hitting government agencies piqued my curiosity. Except I couldn’t quite buy the notion once I had begun reading. The idea of a worldwide manhunt to destroy evidence from one supposed autobiography came across as farfetched and I attribute this to not really knowing much about the media mogul the manuscript is incriminating.

Charlie Wolfe, the media mogul, is a face for any overly rich, powerful, and ambitious business man. You don’t really get to know him, even though more and more is shared about him. He isn’t necessarily there to drive the story, he is the pin to hold all the threads together and eventually that’s all. I think being able to know more about Charlie Wolfe to begin with, a deep-seated fear or desire, would have helped to connect me more and created a way for me to understand the dire need for what takes place.

I personally didn’t care for any of the characters. They confused me sometimes. Isabel, the literary agent, goes from being a literary agent and then ends up realising she needs to ditch her phone, be careful of bugs, and immediately adopts skills in subterfuge to hide her whereabouts. I didn’t really see that coming, but I did guess at who the author was early on in the piece.

There was definitely far more detail than I would have liked, especially when it comes to a mystery/thriller. I ended up having to skim quite a large chunk of the writing to get through it and to keep up the pace I was hoping for. It’s funny though, I wanted to find out what happened at the end. There was definitely a hook there, making me need to know if the manuscript would survive, who would die, what would happen if the story was published, and how on Earth could they go about it.

All my questions were definitely answered by the end and I’m left with the newfound knowledge conspiracy and the publishing world together don’t cater to my tastes in fiction.


TLC Book ToursThis review is part of Chris Pavone’s book tour with TLC. Find out more about the tour and all the stops here.

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