BA Features The Antithesis by Terra Whiteman

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Author Terra Whiteman and the beginning of her pentalogy The Antithesis


The AntithesisThis is a story about God and the Devil, but not how you were taught to believe.
This is also a story about love and hate, and the suffering both can bring.
This is about rights and wrongs, and all the spaces in between.
This is about revenge, courage, death passion–;
With no villains, no heroes, only those left scorned.
This is the story about Heaven, Hell, and the Jury that holds them together.
THE ANTITHESIS #1: Justice Alezair Czynri is the newest recruit of the Jury, a group of powerful beings who reside in Purgatory and enforce the Code between Heaven and Hell. However, Justice Czynri could not have come at a worse time. A storm lays just over the horizon…

One that brings with it a war.

*DISCLAIMER*: The Antithesis contains frequent graphic violence, disturbing scenes of horror, coarse language, frequent drug use, and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

About the Author

Terra WhitemanTerra Whiteman has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Her first work was “Okty the Oktipus” at age five, detailing the adventures of an octopus with nine tentacles and a top-hat. Her mother saved the picture book and loves to show it to Terra’s friends. That’s probably why she doesn’t go home anymore.

Terra writes about the two things she loves most: science and philosophy. Her love for science extends beyond her writing; she is a full time chemist working for a toxicology laboratory. Her other interests include reading books and graphic novels, loud music, obscure movies, an unhealthy obsession with Hello Kitty merchandise, frog slippers and wine. When she’s not writing a book, she’s reading a book. Terra is the admin of The Lucid Pen, a speculative sci/fi & horror book blog that launched in October, 2013.

Terra lives in Kansas City with her husband, Hank, and their son, Asher.

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