BAsPC: When You Can’t Be Bothered

BA's Posting Challenge 2013-14Welcome to BA’s Posting Challenge for book bloggers! In an effort to consistently create content on BA I thought I would take part in a 30 day blogging challenge (I have to mix it up or else I get bored), but realised I don’t want to, nor do I have the time, to create a post every single day. Instead I decided to attempt to create a post once a week with content other than a review.

This is how BA’s Posting Challenge began.

Now BA’s Posting Challenge has become an annual event spanning the year’s busiest time. November for Wrimos everywhere, December for the holiday season, January for New Year’s and recovery, February for the lovers, and March to finally wind down after all the craziness.

BA’s Posting Challenge is for those book bloggers who want content and can’t think of anything to post, want a break without their blog dying, and just want to join in somewhere with the blogosphere community. This  challenge has a focus on books, book blogs, and personal topics scattered throughout. Find all the topics here.


When You Can’t Be Bothered: What happens when you experience a blogging slump and how to do you get out of it?


Sometimes you just need a break from blogging. There have been plenty of times when I’ve taken breaks and really needed them. I’ve been blogging on BA since 2009 now, but I began blogging regularly back in 2006. In eight years of blogging, especially when you have a blogging habit, you’re going to need some timeout.

What I’ve mostly done in the past, when I was in a slump, was either take complete time out, or keep trying to blog and feeling guilty for not keeping up with my standard. Unfortunately I don’t think those were the right approaches for me. I began to realise this when some of those blogging slumps would feel like they were never-ending.

Now, if my slump is a small one, I keep blogging. When I’m in the mood, but not really keen on the idea (so contradictory), I’ll start by blogging with some easy features. Something like book trailers and features, which is one reason I created them, so I can get into the motions of blogging. I find this inspires me to do more and tackle the larger posts.

The more I’ve streamlined my blogging process, the more I blog on a regular basis. Time-suck is a big issue for me. I have templates, I’ve included certain twitter handles I use on a regular basis so I don’t have to go looking for them, and I make sure I have a routine. If blogging takes beyond a certain amount of time I find myself not wanting to do it.

I’ve now begun implementing a new step for my reviews by putting together all links, synopsis, and images, and then saving it as a draft so all I have to do is insert the review and hey presto!

It’s not that I don’t love blogging, but sometimes I’m just not in the right head space. When I’m really out of sorts with it though, I’ll give myself a break, and I refuse to feel guilty now. Not beating myself up about it makes a huge difference.


If you’re yet to join in, you can do so! If you don’t want to, you’re still welcome to share here in the comments.

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