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BA's Posting Challenge 2013-14Welcome to BA’s Posting Challenge for book bloggers! In an effort to consistently create content on BA I thought I would take part in a 30 day blogging challenge (I have to mix it up or else I get bored), but realised I don’t want to, nor do I have the time, to create a post every single day. Instead I decided to attempt to create a post once a week with content other than a review.

This is how BA’s Posting Challenge began.

Now BA’s Posting Challenge has become an annual event spanning the year’s busiest time. November for Wrimos everywhere, December for the holiday season, January for New Year’s and recovery, February for the lovers, and March to finally wind down after all the craziness.

BA’s Posting Challenge is for those book bloggers who want content and can’t think of anything to post, want a break without their blog dying, and just want to join in somewhere with the blogosphere community. This  challenge has a focus on books, book blogs, and personal topics scattered throughout. Find all the topics here.


The First Books:  It’s February, how many books have you read for the year? Share your reviews, give summaries on what you loved and didn’t love, have you read as many as you were expecting?


I can’t believe we’re well into February already. Yesterday was my birthday and I was still trying to get used to the idea of being thirty. I mean, c’mon time. Calm down.

I love looking back to see what I’ve read within a short time, say one or two months. I always feel like I haven’t been reading much. It’d say it’s because I have such a large TBR pile and the pressure of knowing there’s so many to get through… I always forget though and I don’t know why. So when I check back, most of the time its a nice ego boost and gives me a sense of relief.

So far this year I have read five books. Five! When did that happen? My ego is happy with that result. I’ve now taken up a challenge on HabitRPG (check it out if you are task orientated) to read a book a week so yeah, going to read heaps! Anyway…

Flashback Time!

  1. I read the Wolf Creek Prequels and loved those. In case you haven’t heard of Wolf Creek (it’s a famous Australian horror movie) the story is about a serial killer in the Australian Outback. Tourists have car trouble, they go missing, things get really messed up. Personally I thought the books were more messed up than the film, but I also watched the film after I read the books.
    1. The highlight for these books though were the mentions I got from the authors themselves, especially the mention from Aaron Sterns on his blog. Besides an ‘aww shucks’ head ducking moment, something like this really motivates me to keep reading and reviewing. You should always blog for yourself, but when the time and effort you put into it affects others in a positive way, well, why wouldn’t you have an ‘aww shucks’ moment?
  2. The Gods of Heavenly Punishment was one of the books I read for a tour and even though it wasn’t quite to my tastes, I was able to see the value in it when it comes to historical fiction stories set in times of war. I received a lovely email from the author, Jennifer Cody Epstein, as well and will probably read more of her work in future.
  3. Another tour one was The Isolation Door by journalist and author Anish Majumdar, who was inspired by his own life to write a fictional piece of family coping with Schizophrenia. I’m always interested in mental illnesses and disorders. The book was on my Kindle and I kept trying to take it to the gym, sometimes it doesn’t work though, but I’m really glad I like cycling when there’s a book I want to keep reading.
  4. I don’t read non-fiction often, but I was on a coffee crawl with my writing group and of course we had to stop at Kinokuniya; don’t even question our decision to go there.  Usually I try to avoid looking too closely at titles in Kinokuniya because the pricing there is nuts and there’s so many good books… Except… I found myself in front of the Abnormal Psychology section and that was it. I ended up buying Sybil: The Classic True Story of a Woman Possessed by Sixteen Personalities. I now want to read more on Dissociative Identity Disorder. It was a very interesting story and I’m happy to have read it in the beginning of February. I might even go watch the movie, if I can find it.

I’m in the middle of my sixth read for the year and I’m happy because I haven’t been neglecting anything by reading hours on end. I’ve finally begun to get back into the habit of reading a small chunk a day, 40 pages at a minimum, and I’m much happier for it.


If you’re yet to join in, you can do so! If you don’t want to, you’re still welcome to share here in the comments.

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