2013 Challenges Summary: Reader’s Reviews in 2013 Part II

Hold onto your hats folks! Here’s the rest of the reviews for BA’s 2013 reading challenges (check out part I). I hope you all had a great year and fun with your challenges, whether you reached your initial goal or not. I hope to have you all on board again this year as well as new readers joining in.

Without further ado, here’s everyone’s reviews. Visit blogs, see what they read, make new blogging friends, enjoy!

Bookish Ardour’s Go Indie Reading Challenge 2013 – Your Reviews 

1. Bonnie @BA – Florence by Ciye Cho
2. Bonnie@BA – Darkness of Morning by Samantha Boyette
3. Bonnie@BA – After the Ending
4. Bonnie@BA – Bloodlight
5. Bonnie@BA – God Loves Hair
6. Bonnie@BA – Love Gone Mad
7. Bonnie@BA – 25 Perfect Days
8. Bonnie@BA – Arabelle’s Shadows

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Bookish Ardour’s Off the Shelf Challenge 2013 – Your Reviews

1. RIEDEL Fascination “The Gathering”, Anne Enright
2. RIEDEL Fascination “The Secret Of Cravenhill Castle”, Angela Elwel
3. RIEDEL Fascination “Moche Warrior”, Lyn Hamilton
4. RIEDEL Fascination “The Celtic Riddle”, Lyn Hamilton
5. RIEDEL Fascination “This Year It Will Be Different”, Maeve Binchy
6. RIEDEL Fascination “The Bungalow Mystery”, Mildred A. Wirt
7. RIEDEL Fascination “A Study In Scarlet”, Arthur Conan Doyle
8. RIEDEL Fascination “Spooky Tricks”, Rose Wyler, Gerald Ames
9. RIEDEL Fascination “Le Matou Marin”, Tim Wynne-Jones (“Zoom At Sea
10. The Magician’s Nephew @ Resistance is Futile
11. Rachelle Lerner “Homeless in Hawaii” by E.C. Stilson
12. Danielle Hearts Books – Divergent by Veronica Roth Review
13. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Hold Still)
14. Sister of Mercy by Caroline Overington (@ Over Cups of Coffee)
15. The Last Battle @ Resistance is Futile
16. Danielle Hearts Books – The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin Review
17. Rachelle Lerner “A Novel Way to Die” by Ali Brandon
18. Rachelle Lerner “How to Lose a Tooth” by E.C. Stilson
19. Starflower (Angels Are Kids and Furkids)
20. Call it Courage @ Resistance is Futile
21. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Man Who Went Up in Smoke)
22. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Rapunzel Untangled)
23. Hitty: Her First Hundred Years @ Resistance is Futile
24. Danielle Hearts Books – City of Bones by Cassandra Claire Review
25. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Alice in Zombieland)
26. Courtney @ Chaos Theory
27. The White Dragon (Bev@My Reader’s Block)
28. The Introverted Reader (Songs of Love & Death)
29. Sense and Sensibility @ Resistance is Futile
30. The Puzzle of the Silver Persian (Bev@My Reader’s Block)
31. Diana@SoNotARunner (The Odyssey by Homer)
32. Rachelle Lerner “The Detective’s Secret Daughter” by Rachelle McCalla
33. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Blood Red Road)
34. Melissa @ Jayne’s Books (Anna Karenina)
35. Diana@SoNotaRunner (A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole)
36. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Slippage)
37. Riedel Fascination “Dark They Were & Golden-Eyed”
38. Riedel Fascination “Hercules & Other Tales From Greek Myths”
39. Riedel Fascination “Uncertain Voyage” (D Gilman)
40. Riedel Fascination “Black Amber” (Phyllis A Whitney)
41. The Introverted Reader (Across the Nightingale Floor: The Sword of the Warrior)
42. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (The Gathering)
43. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Web Between the Worlds)
44. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (The Hairdresser of Harare)
45. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Four Lost Ladies)
46. Rachelle Lerner “Let it Sew” by Elizabeth Lynn Casey
47. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Persephone)
48. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Case of the Negligent Nymph)
49. Diana@SoNotaRunner (The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott)
50. The Introverted Reader (Across the Nightingale Floor: Journey to Inuyama)
51. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (Even the Stars Look Lonesome)
52. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Don’t Turn Around)
53. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Veiled Murder)
54. Jessie @ Jessie’s Book Place (A Blight of Mages by Karen Miller)
55. Dead and Gone (Angels Are Kids and Furkids)
56. Danielle Hearts Books – The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald Review
57. Danielle Hearts Books – Ingenue by Jillian Larkin Review
58. Danielle Hearts Books – Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon Review
59. Danielle Hearts Books – Daughter of Smoke and Bone Review
60. Riedel Fascination “Thunder On The Right” (Mary Stewart)
61. Riedel Fascination “The Salzburg Connection” (Helen MacInnes)
62. Riedel Fascination “The Foundling Fox” (Irina Korschunow)
63. Colleen @Books in the City (American Dervish)
64. H Lynnea (The Rampant Bibliophage)
65. H Lynnea (The Rampant Bibliophage)
66. H Lynnea (The Rampant Bibliophage)
67. H Lynnea (The Rampant Bibliophage)
68. Jessie @ Jessie’s Book Place (How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back)
69. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Cavalier’s Cup)
70. Diana@SoNotaRunner (Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks)
71. Danielle Hearts Books – Wither Review
72. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Corpses at Indian Stones)
73. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Easy)
74. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (Trace – Patricia Cornwell)
75. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (Life of Pi – Yann Martel)
76. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (Reached – Ally Condie)
77. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (Absent)
78. Danielle Hearts Books – The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross Review
79. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (Satori in Paris – Jack Kerouac)
80. Diana@SoNotaRunner (Zeitoun by Dave Eggers)
81. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Daughter of Smoke & Bone)
82. H Lynnea (The Rampant Bibliophage) – Midnight Riot
83. H Lynnea (The Rampant Bibliophage) – Sandman Slim
84. H Lynnea (The Rampant Bibliophage) – Angel’s Advocate
85. Rachelle @ Rachelle21reviews (There’s an Owl in the Shower)
86. Rachelle @ Rachelle21reviews (The 15th Star)
87. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks
88. Bonnie @BA – Florence by Ciye Cho
89. Bonnie@BA – Darkness of Morning by Samantha Boyette
90. Danielle Hearts Books – Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel Review
91. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (The Breakaway)
92. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Aaron’s Serpent)
93. Bev@My Reader’s Block (World’s 100 Best Short Stories Mystery)
94. Diana@SoNotaRunner (The Descendants by Kaui Hart Hemmings)
95. Dead in the Family (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
96. Embrace (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
97. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Three English Comedies)
98. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Frost Fire)
99. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Other Side of Tomorrow)
100. Psych Babbler @ Over Cups of Coffee (Gifted by Nikita Lalwani)
101. Colleen@ Books in the City (Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’Easter)
102. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Green Plaid Pants)
103. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (The Shoemaker’s Wife)
104. Valentina@Peek-a-BooK!
105. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Vicar of Wakefield)
106. Tara @ Tales of a Book Addict (Bloody Mary)
107. Tara @ Tales of a Book Addict (Iceberg)
108. Tara @ Tales of a Book Addict (The Black Ice)
109. Tara @ Tales of a Book Addict (Transfer of Power)
110. Diana@SoNotaRunner (Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand)
111. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Mary Poppins)
112. Yuna
113. Danielle Hearts Books – Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia&Margaret Stohl Review
114. Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
115. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Diplomat & the Gold Piano)
116. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Lady Vanishes)
117. Bonnie@BA – Indigo Awakening
118. Danielle Hearts Books – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John le Carre Review
119. Heart of Gold (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
120. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (Silver Sparrow)
121. Bev@My Reader’s Block (A Perfect Red)
122. Rose City Reader (Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons)
123. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Unhappy Hooligan)
124. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Matched)
125. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Sally’s in the Alley)
126. Jessie @ Jessie’s Book Place (Enclave)
127. Jessie @ Jessie’s Book Place (The Swan Kingdom)
128. Shadow and Bone (Jessie’s Book Place)
129. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (Shadow of Night)
130. Danielle Hearts Books – Uglies by Scott Westerfield Review
131. Jessie @ Jessie’s Book Place (The Lightning Thief)
132. Jessie @ Jessie’s Book Place (Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging)
133. Diana@SoNotaRunner (Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano)
134. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Black Widow)
135. Danielle Hearts Books – The Host by Stephenie Meyer Review
136. Diana@SoNotARunner(The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James)
137. Bev@My Reader’s Block (In the Shadow of Gotham)
138. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Beautiful Disaster)
139. Danielle Hearts Books – The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks Review
140. The Introverted Reader (The Host)
141. Rasiqra Revulva (Perfume by Patrick Süskind)
142. The Secret Garden (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
143. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Mountains Have a Secret)
144. Rachelle Lerner @Raesrumblings (Top-Flight…)
145. Rachelle Lerner @rachelle21 -Boo and The Backyard Zoo
146. Rachelle Lerner @rachelle 21 Chase of a Lifetime
147. Rachelle Lerner @raesrumblings – Cat Laughing Last
148. Rachelle Lerner @raesrumblings – Murder of the Mind
149. Rachelle Lerner @rachelle21-Cat Seeing Double
150. Colleen @Books in the City (Lowcountry Summer)
151. Danielle Hearts Books – Insurgent by Veronica Roth Review
152. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Devil’s Stronghold)
153. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Silence of Herondale–Aiken)
154. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Shadow of Wrath)
155. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Holiday Homicide)
156. Rasiqra Revulva (Hedda Gabler and The Master Builder by Henrik Ibsen)
157. Rasiqra Revulva (Selected Poems by Louise Bennett)
158. Rose City Reader (Alice Waters and Chez Panisse)
159. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Shatter Me)
160. Danielle Hearts Books – The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart Review
161. Jen @ Watching the Words (Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power)
162. Bev@My Reader’s Block (A Private History of Awe)
163. Psych Babbler @ Over Cups of Coffee (Freedom by Jonathan Franzen)
164. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (Can You Keep A Secret?)
165. Jessie @ Jessie’s Book Place (Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War)
166. Jessie @ Jessie’s Book Place (Abarat: Absolute Midnight)
167. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Death Has Green Fingers)
168. Diana@SoNotARunner(The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella)
169. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Inland Passage)
170. Black Wings (Angels Are Kids/Furkids)
171. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Talking Sparrow Murders)
172. Ghost of a Chance (Angels R Kids/Furkids)
173. Murder Under Mystic Moon (Angels R Kids/Furkids)
174. Diana@sonotarunner(The Thousand Autumns of Jacob DeZoet by David Mitchell)
175. One Hex of a Wedding (Angels Are Kids and Furkids)
176. Coffin Man (Angels Are Kids and Furkids)
177. Ghost Ship (Angels Are Kids and Furkids)
178. Loco Motive (Angels Are Kids and Furkids)
179. Jen @ Watching the Words (Olive Kitteridge)
180. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (Here I Go Again)
181. Rose City Reader (A Sand County Almanac)
182. Danielle Hearts Books – Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia&Margaret Stohl Review
183. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (A Game of Thrones)
184. Scoop! (Angels Are Kids and Furkids)
185. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Sleep No More)
186. Blue is for Nightmares (Angels Are Kids and Furkids)
187. The Stonekeeper’s Curse @ Resistance is Futile
188. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Cinder)
189. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Death at Crane’s Court)
190. Danielle Hearts Books – Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs Review
191. Valentina@Peek-a-BooK!
192. Valentina@Peek-a-BooK!
193. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Cocaine Blues)
194. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Curse of the Bronze Lamp)
195. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (Looking For Alaska)
196. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (To Kill A Mockingbird)
197. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (The Alchemyst)
198. Rasiqra Revulva (Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham)
199. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Miss Silver Deals with Death)
200. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Sense of an Ending)
201. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Murder on Safari)
202. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Riddle of the Sands)
203. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (Gone Girl)
204. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (Cat’s Cradle)
205. Courtney @ Chaos Theory (Déja Dead)
206. Colleen @Books in the City (Lucia, Lucia)
207. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Murder Within Murder)
208. Danielle Hearts Books – Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake Review
209. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Chinese Parrot)
210. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Break Any Woman Down)
211. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Tragedy at Law)
212. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Father’s Day Murder)
213. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (The Immortal Rules)
214. Colleen @Books in the City (Commencement)
215. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Death in Zanzibar)
216. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Jack on the Gallows Tree)
217. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Listening)
218. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Mystery Train)
219. Diana@sonotarunner(The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman)
220. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Death & the Gentle Bull)
221. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Mummy Case Mystery)
222. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Hopeless)
223. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Dead Man Control)
224. Danielle Hearts Books – The Perks of being a Wallflower Review
225. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Hollow Chest)
226. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Twenty First Century Blues)
227. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Call of the Wild)
228. Diana@sonotarunner(Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)
229. Danielle Hearts Books – A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin Review
230. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Spotted Hemlock)
231. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Destroy Me)
232. Bev@My Reader’s Block (London Particular)
233. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Case of the Careless Kitten)
234. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Mist on the Saltings)
235. Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett {@ Over Cups of Coffee}
236. Danielle Hearts Books – Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Review
237. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Everneath)
238. Diana@sonotarunner(The Last Life by Claire Messud)
239. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Mind of the Maker)
240. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Neverfall)
241. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Till Death Do Us Part)
242. Danielle Hearts Books – A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin Review
243. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Long Farewell)
244. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Age of Innocence)
245. Diana@sonotarunner(The Patrick Melrose Novels by Edward St. Aubyn)
246. The Introverted Reader (The Novel in the Viola)
247. The Introverted Reader (Drawing Down the Moon: The Art of Charles Vess)
248. The Introverted Reader (The Brass Verdict)
249. The Introverted Reader (Heartless)
250. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Crossed)
251. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Andersen’s Fairy Tales)
252. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Door)
253. Diana@sonotarunner(At Last by Edward St. Aubyn)
254. Diana@sonotarunner(The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine)
255. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Before I Go To Sleep)
256. Danielle Hearts Books – A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton Review
257. Danielle Hearts Books – The Help by Kathryn Stockett Review
258. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Article 5)
259. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Poems & Prose)
260. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Death at the Bar)
261. Bev@My Reader’s Block (A Bullet in the Ballet)
262. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (Angel Time)
263. Riedel Fascination “The Case Of The Cat’s Meow” (Crosby Newell Bonsall)
264. Riedel Fascination “Ghost Town Treasure” (Clyde Robert Bulla)
265. Riedel Fascination “The Ghost Of Windy Hill” (Clyde Robert Bulla)
266. Riedel Fascination “Red Fox And His Canoe” (Nathaniel Benchley)
267. Riedel Fascination “Mystery In The Pirate Oak” (Helen Fuller Orton)
268. Riedel Fascination “The Dragon Children” (Bryan Buchan)
269. Riedel Fascination “The Secret Of The Old Clock” (Mildred A. Wirt)
270. Riedel Fascination “The Hidden Staircase” (Mildred A. Wirt)
271. Riedel Fascination “The Mystery At Lilac Inn” (Mildred A. Wirt)
272. Riedel Fascination “The Secret Of Shadow Ranch” (Mildred A. Wirt)
273. Riedel Fascination “Greenapple Street Blues” (Ted Staunton)
274. Riedel Fascination “Ginnie & The Mystery House” (Catherine Woolley)
275. Riedel Fascination “Death Dines Out” (Claudia Bishop)
276. Riedel Fascination “Murder On The Canadian” (Eric Wilson)
277. Riedel Fascination “Vancouver Nightmare” (Eric Wilson)
278. Riedel Fascination “The Case Of The Golden Boy” (Eric Wilson)
279. Riedel Fascination “The Disneyland Hostage” (Eric Wilson)
280. Riedel Fascination “The Ghost Of Lunenburg Manor” (Eric Wilson)
281. Riedel Fascination “The Kootenay Kidnapper” (Eric Wilson)
282. Riedel Fascination “Summer Of Discovery” (Eric Wilson)
283. Riedel Fascination “Spirit In The Rainforest” (Eric Wilson)
284. Riedel Fascination “Night Of The Living Deed” (E.J. Copperman)
285. Riedel Fascination “A Killer Read” (Erika Chase)
286. Riedel Fascination “Rest You Merry” (Charlotte MacLeod)
287. Riedel Fascination “The Luck Runs Out” (Charlotte MacLeod)
288. Riedel Fascination “Wrack And Rune” (Charlotte MacLeod)
289. Riedel Fascination “The Little Prince” (Antoine De St. Exupéry)
290. Riedel Fascination “Jacob 2-2 Meets The Hooded Fang” (Mordecai Richler)
291. Riedel Fascination “Jacob Two-Two And The Dinosaur” (Mordecai Richler)
292. Riedel Fascination “Time For The White Egret” (Natalie Savage Carlson)
293. Riedel Fascination “For The Birds” (Dr. Paul Hiebert)
294. Riedel Fascination “Forward, Shakespeare!” (Jean Little)
295. Riedel Fascination “Stuart Little” (E.B. White)
296. Riedel Fascination “Who Do Voodoo” (Rochelle Staab)
297. Riedel Fascination “Dancing Feathers” (Christel Kleitsch)
298. Riedel Fascination “A Time To Be Brave” (Christel Kleitsch)
299. Riedel Fascination “Mystery At Black Rock Island” (Robert Sutherland)
300. Riedel Fascination “The Loon Lake Murders” (Robert Sutherland)
301. Riedel Fascination “The Ghost Of Ramshaw Castle” (Robert Sutherland)
302. Riedel Fascination “Marie-Anne Lagimodière” (Irene Turnier Gordon)
303. Riedel Fascination “Street Of Riches” (Gabrielle Roy)
304. Riedel Fascination “If Walls Could Talk” (Juliet Blackwell)
305. Riedel Fascination “In A Witch’s Wardrobe” (Juliet Blackwell)
306. Riedel Fascination “A Killing Tide” (P.J. Alderman)
307. Riedel Fascination “Mew Is For Murder” (Clea Simon)
308. Riedel Fascination “Demons Are A Ghoul’s Best Friend” (Victoria Laurie)
309. Riedel Fascination “The Secret Adversary” (Agatha Christie)
310. Riedel Fascination “Murder On The Links” (Agatha Christie)
311. Riedel Fascination “Fer-De-Lance” (Rex Stout)
312. Riedel Fascination “Homicide In Hardcover” (Kate Carlisle)
313. Riedel Fascination “If Books Could Kill” (Kate Carlisle)
314. Riedel Fascination “The Secret Of Terror Castle” (Robert Arthur)
315. Riedel Fascination “The Ghost And Mrs. McClure” (Alice Kimberly)
316. Riedel Fascination “Pretty Poison” (Joyce, Jim Lavene)
317. Riedel Fascination “Aunt Dimity’s Good Deed” (Nancy Atherton)
318. Riedel Fascination “Room With A Clue” (Kate Kingsbury)
319. Riedel Fascination “Defending Angels” (Mary Stanton)
320. Rachelle @ rachelle21reviews Once A Ferrara Wife
321. Rachelle Lerner @ raesrumblings Quincy ME
322. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Gravity)
323. Bev@My Reader’s Block (This New & Poisonous Air))
324. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Murder & Blueberry Pie)
325. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Croquet Player)
326. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Malcolm Sage, Dectective)
327. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (Soulless)
328. Diana@sonotarunner(The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve)
329. Danielle Hearts Books – Legend by Marie Lu Review
330. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Famous Ghost Stories)
331. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Temple of Death)
332. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Secret of the Old Clock)
333. A Woman in Amber: Healing the Trauma of War and Exile (Maphead’s Book Blog)
334. The Monster of Florence (Maphead’s Book Blog)
335. Sacred Rage: The Wrath of Militant Islam (Maphead’s Book Blog)
336. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Dreadful Hollow)
337. The Sisters of Sinai (Maphead’s Book Blog)
338. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (The Fault in Our Stars)
339. Diana@sonotarunner(The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay)
340. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Haunting of Hill House)
341. Diana@sonotarunner(Brooklyn by Colm Toibin)
342. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Death Knocks Three Times)
343. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Mystery Lovers’ Book of Quotations)
344. Danielle Hearts Books – Wicked by Gregory Maguire Review
345. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Prayer of Jabez)
346. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Foundation)
347. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Haunted Dolls’ House)
348. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Storm)
349. Dollycas (Notorious Nineteen)
350. Danielle Hearts Books – The Enchantress by Michael Scott Review
351. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Murder at Cambridge)
352. Melissa @ Jayne’s Books (The Weed the Strings the Hangman’s Bag)
353. Melissa @ Jayne’s Books (The Hobbit)
354. Melissa @ Jayne’s Books (The Red Herring Without Mustard)
355. Melissa @ Jayne’s Books (Crime and Punishment)
356. Melissa @ Jayne’s Books (The Prince)
357. Melissa @ Jayne’s Books (A Game of Thrones)
358. Melissa @ Jayne’s Books (Moby Dick)
359. Melissa @ Jayne’s Books (The Book Thief)
360. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Spark)
361. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Dead of a Counterplot–Nash)
362. Diana@sonotarunner(In The Woods by Tana French)
363. Rasiqra Revulva (Vermilion Sands by J.G. Ballard)
364. Rasiqra Revulva (The Assumptions of the Rogues & Rascals by Elizabeth Smart)
365. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Water Room)
366. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Gently Go Man)
367. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Once Upon a Crime)
368. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Through a Glass, Darkly)
369. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Room)
370. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Mystery & Crime)
371. Bev@My Reader’s Block (By a Woman’s Hand)
372. Sam @ SIK Book Reviews (Fear the Worst)
373. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Shell Game)
374. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Kemp’s Last Case)
375. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Murder Stone)
376. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Death Is in the Air)
377. RIEDEL FASCINATION “Angel’s Advocate” (Mary Stanton)
378. RIEDEL FASCINATION “Avenging Angels”
379. RIEDEL FASCINATION “Copper Sunrise” (Bryan Buchan)
380. RIEDEL FASCINATION “Celtic Praise” (Robert Van De Weyer)
381. RIEDEL FASCINATION “The Snow Goose” (Paul Gallico)
382. RIEDEL FASCINATION “The Haunting At Cliff House” (Karleen Bradford)
383. RIEDEL FASCINATION “The Ghost Of The Isherwoods” (Carol Beach York)
384. RIEDEL FASCINATION “The Secret” (Carol Beach York)
385. RIEDEL FASCINATION “If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln” (Ann McGovern)
386. RIEDEL FASCINATION “Charlotte’s Web” (Elwyn Brooks White)
387. RIEDEL FASCINATION “Do Not Disturb” (Kate Kingsbury)
388. RIEDEL FASCINATION “Blue Fire” (Phyllis A. Whitney)
389. RIEDEL FASCINATION “Read And Buried” (Erika Chase)
390. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – The Hobbit
391. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – Life of Pi
392. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – For One More Day
393. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – TEchoes
394. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – Body Surfing
395. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – In the Woods
396. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – The Lovely Bones
397. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – The Night Circus
398. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – Shoot the Moon
399. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – While I’m Falling
400. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – The Pilot’s Wife
401. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – The Murderer’s Daughters
402. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Evidence of Things Seen)
403. Bev@My Reader’s Block (Check-Out Time)
404. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Small Hours of the Morning)
405. Diana@SoNotARunner (The True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey)
406. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Dorothy Parker Murder Case)
407. Bev@My Reader’s Block (The Patient in Room 18)
408. The Introverted Reader (The Big Beautiful)
409. The Introverted Reader (The Small Hand)
410. The Introverted Reader (Doctor Zhivago)
411. The Introverted Reader (Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging)
412. Diana@SoNotARunner (The Iliad by Homer)
413. Tina @ Pages of Comfort – The 19th Wife
414. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (The Wolf)
415. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (The Good House)
416. Diana@sonotarunner(Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It by Maile Meloy)
417. Lori/Dollycas (Z)
418. Danielle Hearts Books – Eragon by Christopher Paolini Review
419. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks (A Vintage Affair)
420. Rachelle Lerner @ Rachelle 21
421. The Introverted Reader (The Child Thief)
422. RIEDEL Fascination “Kilroy And The Gull” (Nathaniel Benchley)
423. RIEDEL Fascination “The Sign Of Four” (Arthur Conan Doyle)
424. RIEDEL Fascination “Too Many Ghosts” (Paul Gallico)
425. RIEDEL Fascination “Death By Darjeeling” (Laura Childs)
426. RIEDEL Fascination “Irish Cures, Mystic Charms” (Lady Wilde)
427. RIEDEL Fascination “Never Call It Loving” (Dorothy Eden)
428. RIEDEL Fascination “Haunting Jordan” (P.J. Alderman)
429. RIEDEL Fascination “The Irish Cottage Murder” (Dicey Deere)
430. RIEDEL Fascination “The Irish Manor House Murder” (Dicey Deere)
431. RIEDEL Fascination “Star Sullivan” (Maeve Binchy)
432. RIEDEL Fascination “Casting Spells” (Barbara Bretton)
433. RIEDEL Fascination “Laced With Magic” (Barbara Bretton)
434. RIEDEL Fascination “Spun By Sorcery” (Barbara Bretton)
435. RIEDEL Fascination “Spells & Stitches” (Barbara Bretton)
436. RIEDEL Fascination “The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax” (Dorothy Gilman)
437. RIEDEL Fascination “Borrower Of The Night” (Elizabeth Peters)
438. RIEDEL Fascination “No Hiding Place” (Rae Foley)
439. RIEDEL Fascination “A Dream Of Unicorns” (Marion Naismith)
440. RIEDEL Fascination “Catch-As-Catch-Can” (Charlotte Armstrong)
441. RIEDEL Fascination “The Tower Treasure” (Leslie McFarlane)
442. RIEDEL Fascination “Flight From Riversedge” (Mary Kay Simmons)

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