BA’s 2013 End-of-Year Countdown #4-#1

The Idea

The 2013 End of Year CountdownFor something different to bring in the new year, I thought I’d create a countdown of book-related posts. Each day, as 2014 approaches, one of my posts would go up until we hit 2014.

The Catch-up

Holidays got the better of me! Then January happened. Seriously, if January is a sign for what 2014 holds for me… I’m going to be sleeping well. I’m playing catch-up by doing the rest of my End-of-Year Countdown all in one go.


Countdown Day #4 Newest Fictional BFFs – They don’t have to be BFFs of course, but share the characters you’ve grown to love during 2013 and what you loved about them.


I realised awhile ago I tend not to make Fictional BFFs anymore. I’ve got a few favourites I’ve kept close to my heart, but otherwise I guess there’s not much room for them. I did, however, fall in love with the character of Mercy in Terra Whiteman’s Meridian. I love her. I wouldn’t want to be around her, or even on her radar, but I still love her.

I can’t get into why without revealing spoilers, unfortunately, but just realise Terra Whiteman writes bad-arse, tough female characters readers can go nuts for.


Countdown Day #3 Achieved Challenges and Goals in 2013 – What were your challenges and goals for 2013? Did you reach the goals and challenges you had set? Did they change throughout the year, or have they remained the same?


It’s funny, but I forget my goals… Actually, I’m really bad at goal keeping. It’s been one of my goals in the last six months to learn how to set goals and keep them. I understand the theory, but I’m not good at execution. I do remember one of my goals was to not be blogging-crazy and to cut down on my reading so I could spend more time writing. I went over my preferred reading goal, but not by much. I think it was about… fifteen books. You can only cut down so much. I did blog less though and I did spend some time writing and editing, so I’m thinking I made my goals.

As for challenges… I took part in all of the ones I host as well as an LGBT challenge and The What’s in a Name 6 challenge. Last year was the first time I wasn’t able to read all the books for What’s in a Name. I couldn’t find a book with party, or similar in the title! Ridiculous isn’t it? I had set out to not buy as many books and to read only those on my shelves a few years ago, so I stuck to that.

I nailed the LGBT challenge, Off the Shelf, and Free Reads. I made it with Go Indie and Dystopia. Steampunk is my nemesis. How unfortunate. I love Steampunk culture, art, jewellery, and clothing, but I couldn’t give a shit about Steampunk fiction. I’ve finally accepted it.

You can find my challenge list and what I’ve read throughout the year here. It will be updated later today.


Countdown Day #2 Bloggish and Bookish Hopes for 2014 – What do you hope for in the New Year? For reading, for the book industry, for your local library, anything book related, story related, author related, and blogging related. Share what you hope may happen and what your goals will be for the New Year.


I just want to make sure my blog doesn’t fall by the way side when I can finally re-enter the workforce and get a full time job (the things neuroimmune disease and mental illnesses do to you). I don’t have a reading goal, I don’t have any other bookish hopes, and most of my goals are based around independence and health this year. I also don’t care for New Year’s resolutions. It’s a ludicrous concept. If you want to achieve something, just go ahead and do it.  Pfft New Year’s.


Countdown Day #1 Most Loved Read of 2013 – That’s right, you have just one book to pick out of everything you’ve read in 2013. Link back to a review, posts about it, include trailers, book covers, and anything else you might want to add.


AAAHHHHHem… When I thought of this one, I knew it was going to be painful, but I went ahead and included it anyway. There should always be at least one stellar read amongst your read books of the year.

I’ve gone with a graphic novel for my top read of 2013. As much as I loved so many of the books during the year, I was quite buoyant after reading The Night Bookmobile by Audrey Niffenegger. Each time I read one of her books I’m always singing its praises so it doesn’t surprise me.


It’s such a nice feeling when you finally get to catch-up, even with countdown/wrap-up posts!

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