BA News: BA’s Posting Challenge Topics All Set! And Then Some

BA’s Posting Challenge for Book Bloggers a.k.a BAPC

I have great news! I took awhile, began getting those topics out before the challenge began, but then got railroaded by life… guess what though? All the topics for BA’s BA's Posting Challenge 2013-14Posting Challenge are up and ready for you to use. Huzzah! Another great piece of news, at least I believe it to be, I’m already putting together the next lot. At some point my aim is to smoothly begin each challenge, each year, for as long as I can think of topics.

If you haven’t begun the challenge yet and still want to, you can join in. It doesn’t matter if you’re late to the game. As long as you begin the challenge, and hopefully finish, by the time the next one begins (which will be in November). You can opt to play crazy-catch up and get as many done as possible, or you can space them out. I’m an agreeable person, I would rather the challenge give you an opportunity to create more content for your blogs rather than more stress. Life holds too much stress already, do we really need more?

Anyway, the point of that digressing post was yes, you can now begin each topic to go up for when you are ready for them.

Posting Prompts in the Quiet Months

The posting challenge ends in March and doesn’t pick up again until November, so what are we going to do in the meantime? I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of enjoy having topics ready for me to pick from. So I thought why not have another challenge, but with a twist? A challenge-type challenge.

I came up with the idea of posting prompts after following photographic prompt memes and a writing blog. That’s right, a blogging challenge for book bloggers based on one-word prompts. It’ll be something a bit more lateral-minded. I know my challenges aren’t exactly rigid, but they are confined much more than if you take a word and interpret it however you see fit. Except of course you have to apply it to books and blogging.

This challenge will begin in April and end in October for those who want to continue on with a challenge, but also want to take a break from the more structured blogging challenge. Watch out for it, I’ll be announcing it some time in February.

That’s it guys! I believe… Gotcha. Have a great reading day everyone.

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