Bookish Ardour’s Review Policy

I am currently not accepting review requests until further notice. If you would like to check back in future I will update the below information for what can and will be accepted when review requests are open. Please allow one week for me to reply to your request.

Requests from self-published authors are welcome.

If you do have any questions or if something is not clear, please feel free to ask. I welcome all enquiries, but I do request you read through my policy beforehand. Thank you!


  • [PRF] – Previously Reviewed For
  • [OTA] – Open to All

Updated: February 13th 2014

  • Availability Right Now: Limited to Previously Reviewed For [PRF]
    • Publishers [PRF]
    • Tour Hosts [PRF]
    • Authors [PRF]
  • Requests Accepted:
    • Non-review postings [PRF] & [OTA]
    • Guest posts: [OTA]
    • Blog Tours: [PRF]
    • Online Events except Reviews: [OTA]
    • Book-Related Announcements: [OTA]
    • Reviews: [PRF]
    • Special Features;
      • Book Trailers: [OTA]
      • BA’s Features for the Week: [OTA]
  • Non-Reading Months: January, November, and December
  • Reading Turn-Around Right Now: Approx. 12-14 weeks
  • Genres Accepted: In both Young Adult and Adult
    • Speculative Fiction – Horror, Fantasy except High, SciFi except Hard, Bizarro, Dystopia
    • Warhammer 40K Fiction
    • Contemporary Fiction
    • LGBT Fiction – Not Erotica LGBT
    • Memoirs and Biographies – dependent on content
    • BDSM
    • Graphic Novels in all the above
  • Please Be Aware: I dislike romance, non-consensual domination, religious fiction, adult urban fantasy, and political fiction.
  • Accepted Formats: Print and Kindle – Please keep in mind I am based in Australia.
  • Unacceptable: Repeat requests and requests to fill out forms will be automatically denied.