BA News: Things are Happening Here on BA

Hello my fellow readers! Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone has had a safe, happy, fun, and lovely holiday season. I’ve been back from Melbourne since Saturday, but life has been interesting since then. I’ve learnt I shouldn’t make plans to have ‘chill out and catch up on blogging’ days. Each time I do that the opposite seems to happen. Sunday I spent eight hours cleaning out the garage, as you do, and then yesterday it was root canal therapy.

I know how to keep life interesting and not quiet.

Anyway, the point is I’m back and I’ve set time aside to focus on BA today! I’m not sure in what order I’m doing things today but here’s what you can expect to be updated, created, begun, etc.;

    • Bringing 2013 Challenges to a Close: This will involve sharing links from people who signed up last year, then beginning a steady post of reviews submitted in 2013. I do this by posting everything separately so you may see some of them today, or in the coming week.
    • Truly Beginning 2014 Challenges: I began to open up the challenges before I went to Melbourne, but I will be opening up the rest today and definitely announcing them later on today. Please be aware you can already sign up here and I will happily add you when I’ve finalised all the linking widgets.
    • BA’s End of Year Countdown: So, that’s something I didn’t finish… I don’t believe the rest will be going up today, but I will be finishing them off and I hope, if you’ve joined in, you carried on without me. If not, feel free to jump in and finish them off in anyway you see fit.
    • BA’s Posting Challenge: I apologise for any inconvenience caused by my delay in getting the rest of the topics out, but they will be going out today sometime. Expect a combined announcement with challenges!
    • 2013 Wrap-up Posts: Each year there are a few posts I like to do to clean up BA in preparation for the next year. Sometimes it’s in December, but sometimes it is actually in the next year, which is what will be happening in the next week. Either today, or one day in the next week expect several posts going out. These posts are more about navigation around BA rather than my personal opinions and reviews. I’ll get them out in one day so I don’t bombard those hooked up to BA’s email alerts!

I believe that’s it. Basically I wanted to warn everyone: there will be things happening and several posts going up here and there. Eventually everything will go back to normal. I don’t know about you, but that makes me happy.

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