BA’s 2014 Reading Challenges – Check in Here!

Ok! So it’s the New Year and reading challenges have begun, but I’m super behind on getting things organised and guess what? I’m on holiday! I reside in Sydney, NSW, but am on holiday in Melbourne, Victoria.

I won’t be getting back till after the weekend and have everything ready to go for the challenges, but don’t have my Mac (also, on holidays. So, what I would love for you to do if you want to take part in any of my challenges, all of which are being re-hosted on BA, is leave your sign up links in the comments as well as tell me what challenges you will be signing up to.

I will then happily add your links to the widgets when they go live from the 6th of Jan. If you are going to sign up after the 8th of Jan, ignore this post and go directly to the challenge you want to sign up to.

That’s it! Sorry about all the hassle and any inconvenience caused. This holiday season has been very busy for me and now, I’m on holiday! Happy New Year everyone! And happy reading!

3 thoughts on “BA’s 2014 Reading Challenges – Check in Here!

  1. You know your Canadian guest is back. I doubt you had time to read that I’m offering to return the favour and host YOU too, when my 3 creations premiere February 1! (I like my year not to clutter Christmas or garden season). Please join me. Carolyn

    Sign me up in “Off The Shelf 2014” and leave the membership number at my blog please. For a change I’d love to be #1 or something close! 🙂 Use the name ‘Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination’.


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