BA’s 2013 End-of-Year Countdown #6

The 2013 End of Year CountdownFor something different to bring in the new year, I thought I’d create a countdown of book-related posts. Each day, as 2014 approaches, one of my posts will go up. If you want to take part, you’re more than welcome to.

I’m coupling this countdown with the BA Posts Challenge, but you don’t need to do the same. You can share these posts in any order you wish, as spaced out as you wish, and interpret the topics in a way that suits you. You can find all the countdown topics here.


BA’s End of Year Countdown Day #6: Newly Discovered and Rediscovered Authors in 2013

Were they awesome, have you decided to read more books by them, why did you decide to revisit their work, or what about them does or doesn’t suit your reading tastes?


My Reflection

The majority of my read books in 2013 were review requests so I ended up with a combination of new authors and revisiting authors who I had reviewed for before.

I have a handful of favourite authors I’ve reviewed for when I first started out and most of them have sequels to their debut novel, and others now have their second and third novels in print.

When they come back to me with a request I jump at the chance to read their newest work, but if they don’t I always have their future works added to my TBR list anyway. So when I came across these next few of course I couldn’t help myself.

Terra Whiteman

The beginning of Terra’s Key of Ascension, Meridian, came out this year. I had it on my TBR as soon as news about its impending release was available.

Terra is one of my top favourites. My top favourites of all the favourites. I’ve read the majority of The Antithesis series (haven’t finished because of time) and loved them. She brings a great spin to dark fantasy/science fiction and has the ability to create a humane interior for non-humane facades.

There’s an extra reason behind why I love to read Terra Whiteman’s work besides her relatable and complicated characters, her thought-out story lines, and the underlying addiction her stories feed. Terra is an awesome person and I appreciate it when a female author writes something other than romance. It’s nothing against romance itself, or the women who write it. It’s the difficulty of being able to find female authors who write something other than romance, or don’t infuse another genre with romance to the point of rendering it romance.

Although I’ll read paranormal romance and the odd girly book here and there (as girly as it gets is probably Speechless by Hannah Harrington for me), I do, and will, always prefer something more robust and masculine. It makes me incredibly happy in my every day life to know there are female authors out there who aren’t adhering to stereotypes.

For More on Terra Whiteman: WebsiteLucid PenFacebookGoodreads

Ciye Cho

Ciye Cho brought out the first in his Florence Waverley series last year, but I wasn’t able to read Florence until the beginning of 2013.

Ciye has a great imagination. I believe the majority of writers have a great imagination though. Surely it’s one of the qualities to push us to create stories. Having all these vivid imaginings running around and crowding our minds. What I love about Ciye’s work is he is able to not only bring his imagination out into words, but to also paint the pictures in words.

Writer’s can’t always do so. There’s story, there’s character, and there’s twists, but it’s something to be able to create descriptions to captivate readers. What about going beyond that? What about going beyond atmosphere and action? I love the lushness Ciye Cho’s work creates for me and so far I’ve seen his stories as a relieving break from the usual conformity in other young adult fiction.

For More on Ciye Cho: Website – Facebook – Goodreads – Twitter – YouTube

Samantha Boyette

I read Samantha Boyette’s first in the Guardian of Morning series back in 2011 and had been waiting for the sequel, Darkness of Morning, since.

I’m bisexual, but it wasn’t until a few years ago when I began to really look into reading LGBT fiction. Unfortunately the majority I came across was both lending to stereotypes and not to my tastes. I have no interest in reading erotica just because it’s LGBT. I’m actually offended people will automatically believe LGBT fiction is erotica. If I think about it too much I will get very angry so…

The Guardian of Morning series is LGBT, but it’s young adult and dark fantasy. It’s gritty and the relationship isn’t sugarcoated. Maybe the lack of erotica is due to it being young adult, but I would like to think that’s not the case. There’s nothing tawdry in Samantha’s writing. There’s also no stereotypes posing as clichés, which makes me incredibly happy.

There’s also the bonus of Samantha just being awesome. I follow her on Twitter when I get my butt into gear and go on there, and I also follow her on Instagram. Maybe what you read shouldn’t matter when it comes to the authors, but I like to know when I’m reading something by strong female authors and decent human beings. It makes everything you read even better.

For More on Samantha Boyette: WebsiteTwitter – Goodreads

Clint Stoker

Clint Stoker is the Dystopian Author of The Cause and more recently All for Owen. He was one of the first authors I reviewed for back in 2011.

If you’ve been following Bookish Ardour for awhile I think it may be obvious how much I love dystopia. I write it myself, not just your atypical dystopia either, but dystopia on different scales. I appreciate other dystopian authors especially when they make me think.

Dystopia flooded the market a few years back and now we have dystopian stories which are much the same as many other young different genres. You know what I’m talking about; stories without depth. There’s nothing wrong with them, even I read them, but I love dystopia exactly because it makes you think. It’s great knowing there’s an author out there who will write dystopia with depth and bring it across to young adult as well.

For More on Clint Stoker: Websites – Facebook – Goodreads.


Before I call it a day for my post, I wanted to check in with an update on reading challenges. The ones for 2014 are coming. Holidays are crazy busy for me at the moment and I’m only just catching up on sleep! While that’s happening I’m going to try and work on setting those sign-up posts into motion in my free time. Sometimes you have to spend more of your time running around and trying to detox your body with a good bike ride instead of blogging. Hey, it happens! Still, reading challenges are important, especially for us addicts  so prepare yourselves and keep an eye out for the announcement when they’re open.

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